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Man Calls 911 With Sandwich Complaint!

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A 911 dispatcher in East Hartford, Connecticut, was in for a surprise recently when he received an interesting complaint from a man because he was not getting his preferred order of sandwich from a Greatful Deli outlet.


One afternoon, Rother McLennon (no information available on his age or hometown) entered the Deli and placed his order of sandwich on the counter. But what happened thereafter is stuff for a hilarious story.


He ordered a sandwich with "a little turkey and little ham, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise." However, it seems that the Deli messed up his order and the poor man was so distressed that he ended up calling 911 over this trivial matter.


The man called 911 and complained, "I specifically asked for little turkey, and little ham, a lot of cheese and a lot of mayonnaise and they are giving me a hard time. I wonder if you can stop by and just  …"


The dispatcher could not believe that the call was over a sandwich order. His disbelief is apparent in his response to the call. He tried to confirm, "You are calling 911 because you don't like the way that they're making your sandwich?" The distraught man said, "Exactly."


When the dispatcher offered some advice, saying, "So, then, don't buy it," McLennon seemed adamant at his complaint being taken seriously. He insisted, "I mean, I just want to solve this the right way. Her sister made it, but she left. They are playing games with me, so I was just wondering if you could come by. I just want it resolved and I want to be able to come back here and get the regular sandwich that I ask for."


Apparently, the man wanted to be able to come back to the Deli and ordered his preferred sandwich again and he was not sure the staff would take him seriously during his future visits.


During all this, the dispatcher maintained calm and also managed to calm down McLennon, making him realize that this was no reason to call 911. In fact, when, at the end of the conversation, the dispatcher asked McLennon to not buy sandwich from that Deli in the future, he simply said, "I'll look at it before I buy it."


When asked about the incident, the Deli owner, Tila Azinheira, said that McLennon had placed an order for 14 sandwiches, which were made to his specifications. When McLennon refused to pay for the sandwiches, the Deli insisted that they could not take back the order since it was made specifically for him. An indignant McLennon, then, decided to call 911 to register his complaint.


Apparently, the issue seemed to have lost steam with McLennon, who called up the Deli next day and apologized for his extreme behavior.


Irate customers is not a new thing to happen. Incidents like these have been reported earlier as well like a Taco Bell customer suing the chain for having too little meat in its taco.


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Man Calls 911 With Sandwich Complaint!