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Shoplifter Stuffs Prawns Up Her Skirt!

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It was her walk that became the undoing of 26-year-old thief Krystal Douglas, who stole prawns from a store and hid them inside her skirt. When the security guards saw her walking awkwardly in the parking lot, they approached her and apprehended her for shoplifting. On Monday, Douglas and her companion, 68-year-old Charles Simboyan, were caught for shoplifting from a Costco store in Staten Island.


In fact, their arrest stopped a two-week spree of shoplifting that the two had been carrying out at the store. It so happened that the security staff of the store checked the security footage for a missing lot of polo shirts worth $5,000. The security footage showed the duo stealing the polo shirts from the store. The footage showed Simboyan putting on a cowboy hat, playing the lookout and Douglas doing the 'dirty work.' The duo rolled the shopping cart to the produce section while stealing things and by the time they left the store, the cart used to be empty.


However, polo shirts were just the beginning of a shoplifting spree, which ended in prawns. Besides, they also stole food items like chicken legs and pork chops from the store during their numerous runs.


They made an interesting couple with Simboyan keeping a watch out while Douglas stashed goods under her clothing.


On Monday, when the duo returned for another shoplifting trip to the Costco store, the staff, including the security was ready for them. This time, it was the prawns on their shopping list, which Douglas shoved inside her skirt and began walking toward the parking lot. The security, already alerted, approached and apprehended the duo and both were arrested and charged with shoplifting.


After being confronted with evidence, Simboyan admitted to stealing "chicken legs, steak, pork chops, shrimp, prawns, DVDs, women's clothing, and polo shirts" during the past two weeks.


Well, you may have heard of weird shoplifters going for food items like guacamole and cucumber, but stealing prawns inside a skirt, that is a new one!


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Shoplifter Stuffs Prawns Up Her Skirt!