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Collision Spills Onions On Florida Highway

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Truck collision

This could well have been the recipe for a very good meatloaf but for the fact that all the onions were strewn across the road and nobody knew what to do with the whole lot of it. The scene was of a collision between two semi-trucks, each carrying meat and onions.


The collision took place at New Smyma Beach in Florida on early Friday morning. As you can see in the photograph as well as in the video given below, the highway was such a mess after the produce was spread out. In fact, some innovative reporter even called the incident an “impromptu fajitas grill sesh.”


The incident occurred when driver of the truck transporting meat, Pierre McClain, fell asleep while on wheel and crashed into the onion truck trailer. He received serious injuries and was hospitalized later at the Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach while Leonel Vasquez Saurez, who was driving the onion truck, escaped unharmed. Both the trucks were driving at a speed of about 75 miles per hour and any collision at this speed, ought to have the same impact as was seen. Out of the two drivers, McClain will face charges.


The incident reminds one of a similar one, which happened under different circumstances near upstate New York, spilling 18 tons of Greek yogurt, Chobani. What a loss!


Speaking after the incident, Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant, Kim Montes said, “You can barely walk out there.” His claim was supported by aerial shots of the location, which showed how onion and fuel were strewn across the highway. Surprisingly, despite the impact, none of the meat was thrown out of the container. Still, the authorities took about eight hours to clear up the mess.


The video will give you a better idea of what happened on the Florida highway:

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Collision Spills Onions On Florida Highway