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Are These Bloomberg’s Next Targets?

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Soda ban 1When New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a blanket ban on soda drinks weighing more than 16 ounces last month, his proposal was met with much amusement and criticism. However, with the proposal already in front of the NYC Board of Health, it is but natural that the Mayor may want to train his guns on the next target – which means the most offensive foods on his list. Well, those who like their fast food every day need not worry for now because this ain’t happening. But there is every possibility that with the Board already airing its views on movie-theater popcorns and milkshakes, there is more to come.



1) Targeting Milkshakes, Popcorns 


The soda drinks heavier than 16 ounces were just the beginning of a State shut down on unhealthy snacks. At its Tuesday’s meeting, the NYC Board members indicated that apart from soda, restrictions should be enforced to limit other high-calorie foods like coffee drinks, milkshakes, and popcorns sold at movie-theaters. One of the Board members, Bruce Vladeck said, “The popcorn isn’t a whole lot better than soda.” Another member wanted to clamp down on “milk-coffee beverages.” Well, all this is good as far as the public health is concerned but would the Mayor dare to propose a ban on any of the following four items:



2) Wendy’s Baconator Double Soda ban 2


It packs 1330 calories per piece and this cheeseburger has already been termed the “deadliest fast food meal.” No points for guessing that Mayor Bloomberg would want to target this next.



soda ban 33) IHOP’s Chicken & Spinach Salad


With such healthy ingredients as spinach and chicken, there could be nothing wrong with this salad, right? Well, the only hitch is that the chicken is fried and spinach is nothing more than a bed to spread the cheeses on. No wonder then, that its calorie count is much more than a burger.



4) KFC Double Down soda ban 4


If you wanna go down, go down with the KFC’s Double Down, which is, of course, a double fried chicken inside buns. Double dose of calories and, thus, a double assault on your health!



soda ban 55) World’s Meatiest Sandwich


Bloomberg had not come up with his proposed ban when this meatiest sandwich of the world was launched to commemorate the UK launch of Man vs. Food. Made with 28 pounds of ingredients, this sandwich is a monstrosity. Let us ask Bloomberg what he thinks about it.


These are just a few of the unhealthy snacks being served at restaurants around America and elsewhere. You can bet Mayor Bloomberg would be targeting these next! Another thing to look for would be whether the First Lady would support his ban this time or not.



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Are These Bloomberg’s Next Targets?