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Subway Tweaks Menu For Vegans!

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Subway 2In a bid to maintain its monopoly over the fast food business worldwide, Subway has introduced a whole new sandwich for its vegan consumers. After successfully launching its “Totally Vegged” vegan patty in select locations in Canada last year, Subway is set to duplicate the campaign in select Subway locations in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. This will be called the “We Love Subway” campaign.



1) “We Love Subway”


It was animal advocacy organization, “Compassion Over Killing,” which helped Subway see the importance of introducing a vegan option on its menu. Before its Canadian attempt, Subway was serving “Veggie Delight” sandwich – a pile of vegetables on their all-vegan breads – by way of vegan option. The situation at other restaurants was also not any better, where they could opt for a salad, at the best because they could not be sure of other ingredients going into their food. This will be the first time a mainstream fast food chain will be embracing vegan options on its menu. Obviously, there are going to be environmental impacts of this move too, but that is for later.



2) Three Vegan Options


Buoyed by the success of its Canadian venture, Subway’s eight locations in Beltway will roll out three new vegan sandwiches. These will be – Sweet Riblet, Italian Black Bean, and Malibu Greek. The idea behind this is to provide vegan consumers wholesome taste on their own terms. The sandwiches are being marketed as a “substantial protein-packed” meal for those who cannot eat anything but vegan. In case these sandwiches prove popular with customers, Subway is planning to launch them in its outlets across America. This could be a good chance for the vegan consumers in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., to go out and purchase these sandwiches and make them popular.

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3) Vegan in Canada



When Subway launched its vegan option in Canada in 2011, it was a sandwich made with vegetarian meats – mainly meat-free turkey, chicken, and ham. It was a definite improvement on its “Veggie Delight”, which was nothing more than vegetables on vegan bread. The sandwich was an all-vegan patty, 100% meat, egg, and dairy-free. A look at the ingredients that went into this sandwich is enough to establish the truth. The restaurant used vegetables, soy protein, wheat gluten, modified cellulose, dehydrated spices and herbs to make it.


Well, this is just a start, here is hoping that Subway continues to dish out customer-specific meals in the future too. After all, it is this one-upmanship that saw Subway overtaking McDonald’s as the world’s biggest fast-food chain. Have you tried the new vegan sandwich yet or would you want to try it in the future? Do let us know here.


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Subway Tweaks Menu For Vegans!