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Say No To Chefs Just Print Your Dish!

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BurritoB0t makes Burritos

Hungry and about to order a burrito? Well, you can go a step further now and get a robot to print it for you! Yes, the “New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program” had Marko Manriquez working on his thesis project and Burritob0t is its outcome. The tasty Mexican wrap seems to be close to Manriquez’s heart and he himself admitted, "the only thing I enjoy more than making cool stuff is making a decent burrito."


The young student has single handedly made waiters and chefs redundant for now although you are not likely to get used to the contraption soon. So what does this food-making robot actually do? Marko Manriquez answers, “"The BurritoB0t prints a 3D edible extrusion combining a blend of digital fabrication and gastronomy. It’s digital gastronomy for the hungry masses." So what is it in simple terms? Let us find out…


You just need a tortilla as the base instead of the customary sheet of paper that you insert within a printer.


You can simply make use of your iPhone to order the fillings as well as the toppings. The quantities of cheese, salsa, guacamole, and crema can be controlled by means of a slider. The condiments actually replace the ink of the ordinary printer and are squeezed on top of the tortilla via two distinct tubes, a process very similar to printing. However, you cannot really hope for instant gratification via the Burritob0t right now as the application is currently in the Beta form.


The creator of this unique food printer is well pleased with himself though and assures all of revolutionizing the fast food delivery system before long. He claims that the burritos printed by pressing a couple of buttons would turn out to be as delicious as the ones you get at fast food outlets.


The young student does not want to stop with making burritos though. He plans to experiment further with the Burritob0t and find out solutions for simple questions like the chemicals present in the ingredients and the reason for food allergies to more complex ones like the carbon dioxide emissions and labor practices. The calorie content of a burrito made by the machine is also under consideration and Manriquez seems to be quite interested in finding the similarities as well as the differences between a first world burrito and a third world one.


Well, we wish that the Burritob0t can be the precursor of other varieties of food items soon. Wonder what Taco Bell and McDonalds reaction will be!


Image Credit- adspace-pioneers.blogspot 

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Say No To Chefs Just Print Your Dish!