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China Invents “Melt-Proof” Ice Cream!

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Melt-Proof Ice Cream

How many times have you wished that you had an ice cream that would never melt? Especially after you were busy on phone and saw that your favorite flavor of ice cream has melted out of your cone and spread out into a pool in front of you? Well, not God but the Chinese have heard your prayers and created a melt-proof frozen treat, which has already become an internet sensation.


The ice cream, more of a popsicle, was launched last Spring but after a video of it was put online, the world is going crazy about it. It is called Nestle China’s “BenNaNa.” The name is so because you can eat this popsicle by peeling off the outer yellow layer, which reveals a vanilla inside.


The popsicle comes in a novelty packaging, made of an edible, gelatinous yellow casing, which makes it capable of withstanding scorching heat of the Chinese summer. In fact, the ice cream can stay like this for upto three hours. Isn’t that wonderful?


A Japanese reporter was recently sent to China to test this new ice cream and its ability to be melt-proof. The said reporter bought a BenNaNa and kept it on a hot pavement for approximately three hours. To his surprise, the popsicle did not lose its shape even after three hours. However, the vanilla ice cream inside did turn into soup.


And if the popularity of this popsicle is anything to go by, it is already breaking all records in China. The BenNaNa was the number one trending topic on the Chinese version of Twitter, Sina Weibo, just two weeks after its account was opened. The aggressive social media campaign on part of Nestle China has ensured that the right kind of buzz is created around this product and people feel interested to know more about it.


China has been a world leader in food innovation and with so many things, like the instant noodles, already being exported out of the country, you would like to know when you can get your hands on the BenNaNa. As of now, there is not information whether this ice cream would be launched outside China or not, but as is the case with everything else Chinese, it will turn up in the US market, sooner or later. Till, then you will have to make do with your regular ice cream.


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China Invents “Melt-Proof” Ice Cream!