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Burger King’s Summer Delight - Bacon Sundae

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Bacon Sundae

The summer party at Burger King will have a new guest, albeit on the menu. Burger King is set to entice a whole new lot of customers for its summer barbecue party with its new offering – the bacon sundae.


This is the latest in a long list of efforts made by the world’s second-biggest hamburger chain in recent years to revive its customer base. Before the bacon sundae, Burger King has also introduced the world’s first stuffed burger as well as the most expensive hamburger of the world in a bid to restore customer confidence in its products. Besides the bacon sundae, the chain has also launched pork, chicken, and beef sandwiches as limited time offers.


The bacon sundae, made with vanilla soft serve, fudge, bacon crumbles, caramel, and bacon pieces, is probably an attempt to offer a sweet ending to the sandwiches offer. Just to give you the whole picture, the bacon sundae, as the name suggests, is a sweet and salty offering, which is a bit on the heavier side, at 510 calories, 18gms of fat, and 61gms of sugar. Apparently, it is not in keeping with the federal guidelines regarding per serving nutrition but then, who cares for such banal issues while eating at a fast food restaurant.


Before this, Burger King has attempted another menu expansion, which was more like a makeover what with the restaurant chain trying to introduce healthier options like fruit smoothies, and salads. The company is also trying to tweak its regular items like the French fries and the Whopper, in a bid to attract families with children and health-conscious adults. The most obvious reference to the changing nature of Burger King menu is in the restaurant’s new tagline, “Taste is King,” in place of the earlier one, “Have It Your Way.”


Apart from the bacon sundae, Burger King’s summer menu also includes offerings like Memphis Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich, Carolina BBQ Whopper or Chicken Sandwich, Sweet potato fries, and frozen lemonade.


So, just like we were saying, with Burger King, old habits sure die hard and if you are a fan of calorie-laden foods, then this is the place to be this summer. The only hope is that its bacon sundae does not go the way Rogue Ale’s Voodoo Donut Bacon Maple Ale went, when it was launched earlier this year.


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Burger King’s Summer Delight - Bacon Sundae