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Spain’s Euro 2012 Team Receives 500 Melons

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Spanish Melons

Not happy with the first match of their national team ending in a draw, a Spanish fruit company, El Monarca, has sent a truckload of melons to the Spanish team at Euro 2012. The team’s training base, which is in Northern Poland, saw a truck full of frog-skinned melons, arriving after covering a journey of 1,865-miles from Murcia in Spain to Poland.


The team has already started enjoying the melons for breakfast and the company hopes that the delicious melons would help improve the team’s prospects at the championship.


After Spain drew its opening match against Italy at the beginning of their Euro 2012 campaign, the Spanish fruit company decided to contribute their efforts towards the national prospects. They packed 500 frog-skinned melons, called so because of the color of their skin, into a truck and sent it across to the team in Poland.


This melony goodness was received well at the training base and the players enjoyed eating melons for breakfast. Although, it is not known how else did the players enjoy these melons but it is confirmed that they ate the melons for breakfast and to their heart’s content.


With so many melons coursing their veins, the team gets ready to face their next rival, Ireland. Now if Spain defeats Ireland noticeably, stay informed that it is because of all the melons that El Monarca sent them.


The company’s obsession with their national football team is not misplaced as Spain is in a strong position to become the first team to win three consecutive major titles. Its next contest would be with Group C rival Ireland and it remains to be seen whether the melons worked their charm on the Spanish players.


Now if the Spanish team has some of the melons left over from their Euro 2012 campaign, they can take help from the delicious recipes to make with melons on their return home.


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Spain’s Euro 2012 Team Receives 500 Melons