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Coca-Cola Revives Presence With New Bottle

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Coca-ColaGiving a new meaning to its presence in Great Britain, Coca-Cola has launched a new pack size, especially for Britain and three other markets in Europe. The new size, 3750ml “PlantBottle” plastic bottle, would be introduced in Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero products. This is the first time in two decades that the brand has gone for a pack makeover and the company intends to launch the new size with an outdoor as well as a Point-Of-Sale campaign.



1) The New Bottle


The new size bottle, which will hold 375ml of soft drink, offers the customers a handy size to handle and “satisfy their thirst at great value.” The pocket size bottle will first be launched across major retailers. The significance of the new packaging lies in the fact that it is a part of the company’s efforts to introduce sustainable packaging. The new bottle will be made with 22.5% plant-based materials and about 25% recycled plastic. By 2020, the company wants to make all its plastic bottles with a combination of plant-based materials as well as recycled plastic. Well, the new bottle is a good start on this ecological endeavor. Describing the new bottle size, the company press release says, “The new 375ml MyCoke bottles offer consumers a handy, pocket size Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero to satisfy their thirst at great value.” A company spokesman adds, “This pack size is designed to be an affordable addition to the current range that fits in well with peoples’ busy lifestyles and desire for products they can consume whilst on the move.”



2) The Campaign Coca Cola 2


The new bottle will be launched in Great Britain and three other markets in Europe this Spring. The other three markets are – France, Belgium, and The Netherlands. The outdoor campaign to support the launch of this pocket-size bottle will have the “Open Happiness” Coca-Cola punch line. Besides, the company intends to launch print ads, as well as campaigns on buses, to highlight the launch. If you remember, Coca-Cola had launched campaign regarding commemorative bottles a few years back, which invited collectors to purchase the bottles for their collection. The campaign for the new bottle of Coke in Britain rivals the campaign for commemorative bottles. Just like other Coca-Cola campaigns in the past, this too is expected to create the right buzz.



3) The Consumer Research


The company had conducted a consumer research project some time back, which inspired it to go for the new bottle packaging. This project delved into how people liked to consume their soft drinks and other beverages while on the move. The research took place over a period of three months and it revealed that the consumers were keen to enjoy their cola drinks “at the right place and at the right time.” It was due to this research project that the company decided to launch the on-the-go pocket-size bottle. Zoe Howorth, Market Activation Director for Coca-Cola in Great Britain, informs, “We’re pleased to be responding to consumer demand and launching our first new on-the-go pack size in almost 20 years, building on our commitment to growing the choice of Coca-Cola products available.”


Coca-Cola is just like any other cola drink in the market, with no nutritional value for you. In fact, if you read about the effects of Coca-Cola on your body, you will definitely rethink about having another sip. However, that does not mean anything to the millions of Coca-Cola lovers in the world, who drink it just for the fun. It is for them that the company has launched this new pocket size bottle.


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Coca-Cola Revives Presence With New Bottle