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Waiter Shows ‘Heights’ Of Coordination

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A restaurant’s staff needs to work in full coordination with each other so that the service is smooth and the customer happy. But a staff member took this coordination to new heights as he sent a note to the cook, saying, “Please Don’t F**k It Up This Time.”


Although, the name of the restaurant was not immediately known, the typed slip that made its way from the waiter to the cook in the kitchen, read more like a warning than an order placed by a customer. As can be seen in the photograph, the warning is in explicit words and it shows that the waiter was exasperated by this time.


It can be safely assumed, through the slip, that the waiter was talking about the egg benedict dish, for which he had received an order. Now, the reason behind the next thing, the warning, is also not hard to guess. It seems that the cook had already botched up the egg benedict order many times earlier and the poor waiter was tired of being caught up in the aftermath. After all, whenever the order is mixed up or not cooked properly, it is the waiter or the server who has to bear the brunt most of the times.


There is also no doubt that dealing with the rush hour orders day in and day out, the restaurant cooks have to keep long working hours with little respite in between. In such a scenario, it is quite understandable if an order gets botched up or mixed up or turns out bad. After all, the cook is a human too and, thus, is prone to error.


After all, restaurants are known to commit much serious mistakes like serving rum cocktail to a 10-year-old child. However, going by the exasperated statement made by the waiter on the note, it seems the particular cook had made one too many mistakes.


The slip was submitted online by a woman who also works for the restaurant and she wrote with the picture that the server who posted this note “has had some issues with the cooks not reading his tickets properly.”


On one hand, it feels good to read about a waiter who is taking his orders personally and ensuring that the correct order reaches the customer. But on the other hand, the language used in the note could have been toned down a bit. What do you think?


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Waiter Shows ‘Heights’ Of Coordination