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Health Inspector Finds Roaches At McDonald’s!

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McDonald'sA McDonald’s kitchen is a coveted place to be in because this is where such tasty, though unhealthy, treats like the Big Mac are rustled up. Well, a health inspector found, to his horror, that the fast food restaurant also boasts of inmates such as cockroaches, both dead and alive. If that puts you off McDonald’s burgers and fries for life, please don’t hold this article responsible. This incident actually happened in Florida. Read on to know what transpired between the health inspector and the restaurant.


1) Health Inspection


The incident took place in Tampa, Florida, at a McDonald’s outlet situated on Martin Luther King Boulevard. A customer, who had visited the restaurant in May this year, filed a complaint with the State health department that he found a live cockroach in his food. The customer had reason to believe that the roach had fallen off the restaurant ceiling. A state inspection was ordered and when the health inspector reached the outlet, he was not allowed admission to the McDonald’s kitchen and, instead, was asked “to take a seat.” Since the restaurant refused to cooperate fully, the health inspector, together with his seniors, recommended an administrative complaint. It was only after making the complaint that the inspector was allowed inside the kitchen. That visit, finally, opened the proverbial “Pandora’s Box.”


2) The Truth


What the health inspector found inside the McDonald’s kitchen could force you to look away while passing by the restaurant in future. Out of the 21 violations, the inspector found seven to be most critical. He made a list of problems that he encountered during his inspection and these are:-

  1. Dead roaches (25-30) under the front service counter, 5 live cockroaches near the kitchen sink.
  2. Food and water on the floor.
  3. Grease accumulating near the cooking equipment.

His observation that the restaurant ceiling was soiled with food debris not only substantiated the earlier customer’s complaint but also brought the spotlight on the deteriorated condition of the restaurant.


3) McDonald’s Reaction


In a statement, the McDonald’s said, “The safety and cleanliness of our McDonald’s restaurants are of the utmost importance to us. We always comply and regularly exceed standards for health inspections. A recent health inspector’s repot referenced a situation that was the result of confusion between the inspector and McDonald’s protocol. The restaurant staff followed procedure and received supervisor approval and the inspector was admitted to conduct his inspection. The findings were acted upon and the restaurant is in complete compliance with health regulations.” Blaming confusion for the botched up first visit of the inspector seems like a very convenient way to dismiss the whole situation. However, the restaurant failed to clarify about the presence of cockroaches (dead and alive) inside the restaurant kitchen.


This laundry list of health violations on part of McDonald’s may put a dent in the business of that particular outlet but it is more likely that the customers would have forgotten about this incident long before the outlet opens its doors next. But in wake of such serious health concerns, it now seems funny that there was a time when the McDonald’s employees were contemplating opening a health food chain. Talking of an oxymoron, this one sure takes the cake!

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Health Inspector Finds Roaches At McDonald’s!