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Ruffles’ Targets Men With New Chips & Dips!

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Ruffles Ultimate

If you are a man reading this, then this offer is just for you! Ruffles chips has brought out some macho flavors, which it believes would appeal only to men. Well, the women don’t need to turn their noses up yet. Hear about the flavors first!


In its latest promotional campaign, the chips company has launched a new product line, called “Ruffles Ultimate Potato Chips and Dips.” As is evident, the line contains chips and dips to go with it and now, if you are wondering what is so macho about it? After all, women eat chips all the time, ask Gemma Collins if you want to.


But then, not every woman would get mad about flavors like these – Original, Sweet & Smokin’ BBQ and Kickin’ Jalapeno Ranch. Even the dips wouldn’t appeal to you – Beef N’ Cheddar and Smokehouse Bacon! Out of these, the Beef N’ Cheddar dip won’t be available on market before July this year. Did we hear some boos and catcalls? Well, women can do anything today so why not try the chips and dips meant for men, but, then, that is a debate for another occasion. For now, let us concentrate on what Ruffles is offering.


The line was launched in May this year and the chips are described as “an unapologetic bro-centric snack with deeper ridges and real pieces of meat.” Well, when you use words like unapologetic, bro-centric and real meat in a single sentence, it does point in a certain direction.


Priced at $4.29 per 8 ounce bag, the chips, with “deeper ridges” of course, are sturdy enough to be enjoyed with a thick, creamy dip without the fear of breaking down in half. And just like it happens with sturdy things, women will eventually get attracted to it.


So, it is a good chance for men to enjoy the chips, all to themselves, before the women get a whiff of the real meat in it!


Considering that the chips and the dips are going to be as calorie-laden as ever, there is one question left to ask, is weight gain for men an option that goes with eating these chips?


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Ruffles’ Targets Men With New Chips & Dips!