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Kraft Foods Brings “Anything Dressing”

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Kraft Foods has re-branded its “Anything Dressings” line in a bid to defeat competition arising out of the recent overtures of Heinz and Hidden Valley companies. With Heinz touting its dressing label as “The New Ketchup” and the Hidden Valley retorting with its new ranch dressing “Hidden Valley For Everything,” it seems Kraft has also decided to join the fray.


The re-branded line-up of Kraft dressings are packed inside a new bottle, with a new message, which invites users to look for “dressipes” instead of recipes on These dressings are being marketed for dishes other than just salad, such as grilled wings, stir fry, and fish. Now, who would have thought you could use dressings with fish, right?


Besides, there is the “Anything Dressing YouTube channel”, which has instructions on trying out the dressipes as well as a full-fledged Facebook page to carry out more related activities such as interactive videos, etc. In fact, the company wants you to do much more with your dressings than you were doing earlier.


The most unconventional ways in which customers use dressings is with crudités or Reuben sandwiches. But Kraft wants them to go beyond that and try their new variety of dressings with every thing and in every form, be it a dip, a marinade, a spread, or even a glaze. That is why this new range is called Anything Dressing.


It is, however, not the first time that Kraft has managed to expand its product’s reach. It happened earlier with Kraft vinaigrettes, which, a survey proved, were being used as seafood marinades. That is where the company got inspiration from to try it with its range of dressings.


Never before has the company made so much noise ever since it renamed its snack division to “Mondelez International.” It is going all out with the media campaign for its latest offering. A TV ad is in line to promote Anything Dressing, which will begin airing soon. Since consumer research has proved that Americans love Ranch dressing the most, and Italian, and French after that, it looks like Kraft is on the right path.


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Kraft Foods Brings “Anything Dressing”