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Man Turns Violent For 'No Cream'

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A few weeks back, a disgruntled customer rammed up his truck into a Taco Bell outlet in Ohio over a missing taco in his order. Now it seems the story was repeated in another US city, albeit in a different restaurant. It happened in a Starbucks outlet in Abbotsford.


The incident is about a man, still unidentified, who ordered a beverage at the Sumas Way Starbucks earlier this week. When the employee of the outlet told him that the store had run out of cream, which is why his beverage could not have any of it, the man's behavior turned completely strange.


The employee, a female, claimed that the man started swearing and yelling at her, and that he even assaulted her for not having cream at that point of time.


The police, when notified of the incident, launched a hunt for the accused. Though, the man could not be identified, the police has the license plate of his truck, which was recorded in a camera, as the man stomped out of the store in anger and drove away.


The poor Starbucks employee is pretty shaken up after the incident and frightened too, said the police. Constable Ian MacDonald, who is working on this case, informed the media, "To him, this is absolutely unacceptable. He gets in her face and yells at her, and punctuates it with throwing water in her face." In fact, he is concerned about the degree of extreme behavior displayed by the suspect, as he asked, "If a cup of coffee sets him off to this degree, can you imagine what would happen if something of real consequence occurs?


The police believe that the man is a Caucasian, in his 40s and he drove off in a blue Ford pickup truck.


Well, next time, the Starbucks runs out of cream, it should inform the police in advance, just in case!


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Man Turns Violent For 'No Cream'