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Big Mac For Olympic Hopefuls

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Biggest McDonalds

London Olympics isn’t about sporting activities anymore. The News about the largest McDonalds coming up at a stone’s throw from the stadium has the people agog too. The outlet, albeit temporary will be the biggest ever eatery of the company. The fast food giant has surely come a long way from 1968 when it had to airlift the favorite food of US athletes i.e. hamburgers to Grenoble in France. It has gained the honor of being the official sponsors of the greatest World sporting event since 1984.


The huge eatery is expected to start functioning from next month and hopes to see at least 3 million visitors during the Olympic and Paralympic events. With a seating space for 1500 people and a staff of 2000 attending to them, the giant fast food restaurant is seen as a huge opportunity for boosting London’s economy. People who applied for serving at the Olympic branch of McDonalds had to go through a particularly grueling test where they had to prove their worth in various aspects such as flipping burgers, grilling fries and serving ice creams with a smile.


While most of the food is expected to be made at the venue, East London’s Strafford branch of the McDonalds has been roped in to supply 180,000 fries and 50,000 Big Macs during the games.


The fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, has in the meantime declared Chicken McNuggets to be one of his favorite food items. Well, he can certainly take heart from the fact that he could sprint to the McDonalds at Olympic park in just under 20 seconds from his place of work, the running track at the stadium.


The medicos are not at all pleased with McDonalds being associated with the Olympic Games though. For them, it is ironical that fast food chain which is contributing to the rising obesity problem across the world will be associated with the best athletic feats of the world. Britain is not too far behind America when it comes to obesity either. Almost 25% of the present population of Britain has been diagnosed as obese and experts fear that the number could well double in the next 10-15 years. The  “Food Safety Squad” of UK has already certain regulations in place  for the restaurants and eateries now.


However, the ordinary folk and sportspersons are not too worried about the huge McDonanld coming up  just 200m from the Stadium. They are, in fact, just lovin it!


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Big Mac For Olympic Hopefuls