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Here We Go Again, Toddler Served Alcohol!

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Hawaiian Cruise

It has happened again. Some careless staffer on a Hawiian dinner cruise has served a three -year-old alcohol. The only saving grace has been that the toddler was not able to finish all the 12 ounces of the drink served to him otherwise, it would have been a real nightmare for the poor chap and his family.


Three-year-old Michael was on the cruise "Alii Kai Catamaran" along with his family. He was served orange juice with vodka while his parents enjoyed their own drinks. His mother, Bingyam Cai, alleged, "If he had drunk the whole 12 ounces, it could have been very fatal for him at this age." The family had ordered two pineapple juices and an orange juice for Michael. Nobody from the management was able to tell her how the orange juice got vodka mixed in it.


When she brought the matter to the manager's attention, she was given a bottle of water but was asked to stay quiet and not to disturb other guests on the cruise. The cruise management did not stop the boat or bothered to offer any medical help to the poor boy.


The distraught mother said, "His whole ears, his neck (was getting flush). I don't know if he's allergic to alcohol. He just got really red and he just kept mumbling, 'Momma it's hot, it's hot." The poor boy, after drinking whatever he could manage, was seen running around but couldn't even stand straight.


As of now, the boy's family has no plans to sue the cruise liner but the boy's mother got a written apology from "Roberts Hawaii," which runs the trips aboard "Alii Kai Catamaran." Bingyam said, "I want to raise public attention first of all. If you review the situation, then Alii Kai cruise will try to handle it more seriously instead of just 'hush, hush.' I want their whole serve system to change."


In his apology, "Roberts Hawaii," wrote, "We sincerely regret and are mortified at the error. We have had an alcohol safety procedure in place for 20 years and this is the first time we have had an incident like this. Once our crew realized what had happened, their immediate focus was on the well-being of our guest; we are pleased and relieved that he is okay."


Well, you have read about such incidents happening in the past too, like an Olive Garden waitress served rum cocktail to a 10-year-old. There are numerous other incidents, which point out that the restaurant staff is getting careless by the day.


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Here We Go Again, Toddler Served Alcohol!