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Wicked Tuna Ends With a Bang!

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wicked Tuna

The most exciting fishing show on television, “Wicked Tuna” saw a fitting end of its first season when the crew managed to catch a whopper of a bluefin tuna. The show had been a regular fixture on the National Geographic channel for ten weeks now. The fish is one of the most valuable commercial catches and is considered to be a prime ingredient for Japanese Sushi.  The Pacific variety of the tuna was recently in the news as it is believed to have been contaminated by radioactive elements from the ‘Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster”  which it carried all the way from the Japanese shores into USA.


The crew were divided into five teams with innovative and significant names like and Odysea. The freezing waters of North Atlantic beckoned and off went the breed of fishermen from Gloucester, Massachusetts specialized in the art of catching the rare bluefin tuna with the aid of a reel, rod,  and hook. Whatever be the bait for the elusive tuna, it was $20,000 at stake for the competitors!


The finale aired on Sunday 3rd of June at 10 PM ET, proved to be true to its name as the crew men hauled a gigantic tuna on board. A mixed crowd of fishermen, artists and airline pilots along with the local New England residents cheered and whooped as the boats started pulling in their catches. The show proved to be a huge success with a high viewership that exceeded the premiere of “Wicked Tuna” by almost a million.


The prize catch weighed an astounding 1030 pounds. Speculation about outdoing that effort in the second season is already rife among both the contestants as well as the viewers. Whether the show gets a fresh lease of life is yet to be seen though. The viewers are hoping that the “Wicked Tuna” crew might just help to break the current record for catching the biggest bluefin tuna in 1979. A fish that retains the record is a giant at 1,496 pounds!


Well, we hope that sport remains a sport and the supplies of this beautiful fish are not further depleted from our waters.


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Wicked Tuna Ends With A Bang!