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Here Comes The Self-Stirring Pot!

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What would you give for a pot that stirs itself? Well, the price is a secret yet but Japan has once again pioneered the cooking technology with its inventive “self-stirring pot.” Yes! This pot stirs the contents on its own. All you have to do is switch the gas-stove on and off . Howzzat for comfort cooking!


This new kitchen gadget was invented by an unlikely candidate, a dentist. Hideki Watanabe invented this pot by building a series of ridges into the inner sides and called it “Kuru-Kuru Nabe”, which means “pot round and round” in Japanese. Watanabe experimented with dental plaster (what else?) for quite some time before coming up with this design.


The pot works on the scientific principle of thermodynamics, which means the ridges create a vortex of movement within the contents of the pot, causing them to go round and round, while stirring the dish on its own. Besides, the shape of the pot is good for efficient heating as well as there is less danger of contents boiling over.



While the pot is efficient for light cooking like that of soups, for heavy-duty recipes like cooking chili or stew, your good old pot and hand-stirring would still be your best bet unless Watanabe comes up with a larger version of his revolutionary pot. Till then, however, there is no doubt that this invention would be a boon for some of the laziest chefs of the world!


Well, trust the Japanese to come up with such wonderful weapons like dieting goggles and, now, the self-stirring pot!

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Here Comes The Self-Stirring Pot!