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What’s In A Name? Five Wives!

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Five Wives

Would you drink vodka called “Five Wives”? Well, the “Idaho State Liquor Division” (ISLD) won’t let you even if you would want to. That is because the vodka brand has been banned from the State for having an offensive name, which is believed to promote polygamy. The ISLD finds the liquor name offensive and thus doesn’t want its citizens to drink it.


In a statement, the Division said, “We feel Five Wives Vodka concept is offensive to a prominent segment of our population and will not be carried.” The statement was made in a letter issued to “Elite Spirits” of Boise, which distributes the liquor brand in the State.


The label of the vodka bottle shows five women standing with their dresses held up and cats cradling inside the dresses. The State authorities have explained that though the sale of the vodka was banned in the State for commercial reasons, the decision was also based on the fact that the vodka would offend women as well as members of “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”


The Ogden’s Own Distillery, producers of the “Five Wives Vodka”, are not buying into the argument based on religious concern. Steve Conlin, partner and vice president at the Distillery, said, “The decision is extremely misguided if based on religious concern. We can only presume he means Mormons. Though that makes little sense as they allow Polygamy Porter from Wasatch Beers of Utah to be sold. We’re a little dumbfounded by it all.”


The distillery, in fact, explains that its label is meant to “pay homage to the early travelers to the West.” It is also making efforts to help its vodka be re-instated in Idaho through t-shirts labeled “Free the Five Wives.” The t-shirts are available on the company website and these feature five women, shown on the vodka bottle label, standing behind bars. The company has also been talks with the State over the issue but nothing has come out of it so far.


Well, out of the bars or not, the “Five Wives Vodka” is sure going to be counted among the weird vodkas of the world very soon!


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What’s In A Name? Five Wives!