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Edible Faberge Egg: World's Most Expensive Dessert

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Most Expensive Dessert In The World

Love dessert? You're not alone. But would you shell out $34,500 for one?

May 30 marked the 166th birthday of Peter Carl Faberge, the Russian jeweler known for beautiful and ornate jeweled eggs. Google commemorated him by dedicating a doodle to him. His eggs weren't edible, but this pricey version is! Keep reading to learn more about the world’s most expensive dessert. Priced at $34,500, it is shaped like—you guessed it right—a Faberge Egg! Let’s see how it was made…


Head chef Marc Guibert of the “Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel” located in Windermere, Cumbria, toyed with the idea of creating an edible Faberge egg which would be as pricey and precious as the original Russian bejeweled eggs. He finally decided to base his pudding on the Faberge Egg created by Theo Faberge, the grandson of Peter Carl Faberge, the official jeweler for the czar at the Russian court.

Faberge Doodle

Each of the ingredients going into the expensive dessert were of the finest quality, including the best quality chocolate, gold and champagne caviar. The confection features glazed gold leaves and Belgian chocolates flavored like peach, whiskey, and orange. The chef also added champagne jelly and topped the dessert with a 2-carat sparkling diamond, the only non-edible part of the dessert.


This ridiculously expensive dessert, called the “Faberge Easter Egg”, could not be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records until it was purchased. This required an advance order of 3 weeks and a hefty deposit.  Carl Weininger, from  Rugby, finally did the honors by purchasing the egg in December, two months after it had been created for the first time.


Guibert is pleased with his creation which was made to kick start the “National chocolate Week” last year. We are hoping that it gets the acclaim it deserves soon. What do you think? Is the head chef justified in making such an expensive dessert? Do write in with your comments.



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Edible Faberge Egg: World's Most Expensive Dessert