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Now Your Ice Cream Is Safe With Euphori-Lock!

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Euphori-LockThere is nothing more disheartening than finding your favorite pint of ice cream all empty and scraped clean to the bottom in your absence, be it at home or at work. Understanding the pain it causes you to have your ice cream stolen from right under your nose, Ben & Jerry’s has come up with “Euphori-Lock”, which will keep your ice cream safe. It is a simple, yet effective, gadget, which you can clamp on the lid of your favorite pint and then keep it safely away from your eyes. Nobody would dare put their hands on it.


The ice cream company has always thought about its customers first, be it the “Free Cone day” or other such efforts. Explaining this gadget in a press release, the ice cream company said, “This delightfully tongue-in-cheek concept actually came from one of our customers, who suggested we start selling our ice cream in stainless steel containers with little padlocks on them.”


The contraption has a two-part security ring made out of plastic, which secures the lid with a secret code, which only you know, obviously. The inscription on the “Euphori-lock” says, “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no ‘u’ in ‘my pint.’” Well, you can’t be any straightforward than this, can you? This lock is available for sale at the Ben & Jerry’s online store and it costs $6.64.


One of the bloggers, obviously impressed with this gadget, wrote, “Well, here’s a nifty gadget that can protect your favorite frozen delicacy from your Dad, pesky brother, freezer raiding co-worker or roommate or last but not least, your kid.”


Well, if someone is a hardcore ice cream addict, he or she would not think twice before putting the pint upside down and cutting through the bottom but this “Euphori-lock” still provides hope against the milder intruders. So, next time you want your ice cream, all to yourself, keep it under lock and key.


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Now Your Ice Cream Is Safe With Euphori-Lock!