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IHOP Campaign To Popularize Breakfast Among Americans

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IHOP Breakfast CampaignAmericans love the morning meal because, after all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, it comes as no surprise that the IHOP chain of restaurants wants to cash in on the trend with its latest campaign to popularize breakfast in America. Well, whether IHOP manages to make breakfast any more popular than it already is will be known in a few days. Till then, read about the details...


1) IHOP Breakfast Campaign


IHOP has traditional been a breakfast joint, so with this campaign, it is doing just that – returning to its roots. When it launched the new marketing campaign this Monday, IHOP went back to focusing on breakfast, which is its brand heritage. This is a serious deviation from the work it has been doing in the past some years – during which it was trying to convince the customers that it was much more than just breakfast options. That is why it beefed up its menu with lunch and dinner dishes too. However, its latest policy now is “take back and own breakfast” and that is what the new breakfast campaign is all about.


2) IHOP New Breakfast Menu


The restaurant chain has brought out a loaded breakfast menu for the customers to choose from. It has every imaginable breakfast delight that America loves to gorge upon. Starting with “French Toast Combos”, served with eggs, hash browns, and bacon/pork sausage, the menu serves the French toast in such delectable flavors such as strawberry banana, blueberry, cinnamon apple, whole wheat with banana slices, so on and so forth. Then there are waffles (Belgian), Crepes (Danish fruit, Nutella, Swedish), pancakes, and omelet – all set to give your day a healthy and sumptuous start.


3) Going All Out IHOP 2


IHOP has planned a summer long schedule of promotional events, including advertising and marketing campaigns across various media, to promote its breakfast foods, which it offers to customers any time of the day. The anthem that seeks to capture the spirit of breakfast across television, radio, social and digital media, can be summed up in the tagline, “IHOP. Everything You Love About BreakfastSM.” Starting with a Twitter sweepstakes, the campaign will ask IHOP fans to submit Tweets about why they love breakfast. The Twitteratis can do so using the hashtag #BreakfastLove to connect to the IHOP campaign. Then, till July 8, 2012, the public can send in their comments on the IHOP Facebook page, which could entitle them to an IHOP gift worth between $50 and $500. Well, as you can see, by going all out on the promotional bandwagon, IHOP is literally hopping from Twitter to Facebook to YouTube in an attempt to get people to listen that it has started selling breakfast again, big time!


4) The Company Hopes


Well, for starters (not literally!), IHOP officials consider breakfast as “our heritage.” That’s quite a good start and they also feel that the new breakfast campaign “really talks about the essence of our brand.” So, you see, there are two things here – the breakfast and the brand and IHOP is seriously hoping to give a boost to both while earning revenue for itself. The reason for this confidence comes from a market research report, released earlier this year, which says that the breakfast traffic among Americans has grown by about 2 percent last year. Moreover, the company’s breakfast sales are stronger even at a time like midnight, with more than 60% of the restaurant chain’s sales figures coming from breakfast items. The company’s new menu items such as “red velvet pancakes, sweet strawberry pancakes, brown sugar oatmeal, and flavored iced teas” also indicates a shift towards breakfast time.

So, while breakfast is nothing new on the American platter, eating breakfast at IHOP definitely is news. So, when are you going to opt for a plate at IHOP?


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IHOP Campaign To Popularize Breakfast Among Americans