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Sotheby’s To Sell Its “Own Label” Champagne

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Sotheby's ChampagneAfter having sold expensive artwork for decades, the renowned auction house “Sotheby’s” will now also help you choose the right champagne with their “Own Label” non-vintage brand. Now, while auctioning ancient and expensive paintings, portraits, sculptures, ceramics, and furniture, Sotheby will also serve its very own champagne, which it describes as “light, fresh, elegant, but serious.” Ummmmm, sounds enticing. 


1) Grand Cru Champagne


The “Sotheby’s” chambpagne comes from the vineyards in Chouilly and it is made with 100% Grand Cru Chardonnay, cultivated over 21 hectares of land. The auction house believes that the champagne to be “versatile and suitable for any occasion.” The “Sotheby’s” website says about it, “(It is) the sort of Champagne that you can drink all night!” Well, if that is not inviting enough, nothing else can be.


2) The Inspiration


The auction house drew inspiration from the R&L Legras, a 1808 company whose champagne the “Sotheby’s” is selling exclusively in the US for the past some years. It feels proud in declaring, “We are delighted that Julien Barbier, 6th generation vineyard owner, who has been running this champagne house since 2007, agreed to make the ‘Sotheby’s Champagne’ and we will continue to offer his label, alongside our own.” It also helps matters that R&L Legras is already a supplier to three Michelin star restaurants in France – Guy Savoy, Ledoyen, and La Tou d’Argent. Describing the association, Jamie Ritchie, CEO of “Sotheby’s Wine” in the US and Asia, said, “I have been enjoying R&L Legras Champagnes for over 20 years and am delighted that Julien Barbier agreed to produce Sotheby’s Champagne for us.”


3) Free Flow


Well, now that the “Sotheby’s” has acquired a champagne label of its own, there is no reason why it should not serve the same at its auctions and other events. That is exactly what the auction house has in mind. The “Sotheby’s Champagne” would be served to guests at three important locations in the world – London, New York, and Hong Kong. You can also purchase this champagne without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket. The bubbly comes at $29.99 a bottle and $69.95 a magnum. The bottles can be purchased online as well as at the New York retail store.


Well, what could be better news than this? Even if you are not exactly rolling in dollars, you can still pick up a bottle of “Sotheby’s Champagne” and enjoy a luxurious drink at  home.


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Sotheby’s To Sell Its “Own Label” Champagne