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San Francisco Pubs Get ‘SceneTap’ To Keep Tab On Drinkers

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SceneTapAs if installing cameras and streaming live footage of San Francisco’s watering holes last year was not enough, the local bars are now going to install facial recognition technology, a la “SceneTap.” This technology comes from an Austin-based startup and the software is being installed in as many as 25 famous bars of San Francisco this Friday. No wonder, the patrons are already freaking out!


1) “SceneTap” Technology


Before you jump the gun, know what this technology is all about. “SceneTap” is basically a facial detection software, which allows a person to get a snapshot of the inside scene of a particular bar in San Francisco through an iPhone or Android App installed on his handset. It is not an ordinary snapshot though. This shot will tell you everything that you need to know about the bar scene like the male-to-female ratio, average age of the people present and how many people there are inside the bar. And all of it will be in real time so in case you want to just know whether you will have enough women to flirt with, you can check out the snapshot. San Francisco bars such as Mr. Smith’s and Pete’s Tavern will also install this software.


2) Taking Personal Information


The bar owners will be gathering personal information like age and gender of their patrons by putting up special facial detection cameras inside the bars. These demographic details will be helpful to the bar owners in not only serving their patrons better or keeping a check on the overall security of the place but also to judge the effectiveness of any marketing campaign that they may be launching in the future. With the “ScenteTap” already installed in bars across half a dozen cities in America, the company has been able to keep a tab on more than 8.5 million people hitting bars and restaurants in their hometowns.


3) The Outcry


However, if the company or the bar owners thought the patrons would appreciate this step, they couldn’t be more wrong. The locals, for whom bar-hopping is second nature, are not at all happy about the installations. In fact, Internet was the space where outraged San Franciscans expressed their views against this set up. Sample this response:- a. “Hey guys, ultra-creepy @SceneTap is coming to SF. Here’s a handy list of places to never go again:” Actually people are feeling spied upon by this App so much so that many are already comparing it to be the “stalker app.” The fact that this software determines your gender and age based on characteristics like your nose, eyes, face shape, forehead, jaw structure, mouth, and skeletal structure has the young crowd already up in arms against it.


For now, the only answer that “SceneTap’ has managed to come up with for the benefit of  the outraged public on Internet is that they should download the app before they know what they’re talking about. And it is certainly not helping because the public onslaught continues for now. In today’s App-driven world, individual privacy, especially for women, is of utmost concern. Therefore, before letting “SceneTap” tap into the waterholes of San Francisco, the bar owners must try to convince the public that it is for their own good. Otherwise, they are gonna go the British pubs way. Would you believe if you were told that? Do write in with your comments.


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San Francisco Pubs Get ‘SceneTap’ To Keep Tab On Drinkers