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‘Jersey Shore’ Pre-Mixed Cocktails Are Here!

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"Jersey Shore"

“America’s favorite pre-party pastime, pre-gaming” is here and it is accompanied by “Jersey Shore” cocktails. These Remix Pre-Game Cocktails (whatever that means!) are produced by Pauly D, the “popular tanperson” from the famous MTV series. And if you hear what they are saying about this series, you may want to think before you pick up that pre-mixed cocktail!


In a press release, “Jersey Shore” is described as “MTV’s most iconic series.” We are sure that the makers of “The Real World” would readily disagree with that. However, that is not the point here. The object in question is the “Jersey Shore” cocktails, which will soon be launched in the local supermarket.


These cocktails will be retailed at $14.99 per 750 ml bottle and these will be available in four flavors – “Oye Mojito, Strawberry Holla-peno, Yeah Yumberry, and Starfruit.” While “Oye Mojito” is made with a combination of lime and mint, juiced, peeled, and muddled together, “Strawberry Holla-peno” brings together the quirky mix of sweet strawberry and hot jalapenos. “Yeah Yumberry” is made with red berry, raspberry, and dark berry and “Starfruit” mixes starfruit (what else?) and apple lime. The makers expect these pre-mixed cocktails to create a niche market for themselves, especially with the Pre-Gaming tagline attached to it.


Wanna hear what Pauly D says about his product, “My crew and I are always making amazing mixed drinks before we go out, so I wanted to re-create those flavors for my fans to get their own pre-game on. I mix great on the turntables, so why wouldn’t I make a great mixed cocktail that’s RTD (Ready-To-Drink)?” Yes, why not?


What’s with the “Jersey Shore” characters’ obsession with alcohol? First it was Snooky who claimed to have lost weight with alcohol and now it is Pauly D, who wants to reinvent himself with the same.


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‘Jersey Shore’ Pre-Mixed Cocktails Are Here!