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Alcohol In Disguise - Teens Get Drunk On Sly

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Alcohol bra Youngsters would go to any lengths to have a drink. Perhaps, that is why inventive companies are trying to cash in on their rebellious streak with products that hold alcohol in disguise. Think bras, sandals, seat cushions, shorts, and belts! All these may look like perfectly innocent items unless these are rigged to carry alcohol discreetly. That’s exactly what we are talking about.


1) Teenagers & Alcohol


Teenagers want to drink almost at any given occasion and while adults may want to keep them away from alcohol, these devious teenagers always find a way out. According to recent reports, boys and girls, who are not of legal age to drink, take help from a host of devices to sneak in alcohol to school parties, especially proms. Their mantra seems to be “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Drinking against the will of authorities, and parents, the teenagers are giving rise to the ultimate rebellion and they have some exemplary devices to help them in this mission. In fact, the prom season is the most popular among kids who want to get drunk but can’t do it openly. Even the police department is in on their tricks as one of the officers seemed to know what to look for, as he said, “There’s a new alcohol bra that actually has little compartments in it and there’s a straw down the strap.” Quite creative, hmmm!!! Wait till you see others.


2) Alcohol Bra


The Wine Rack Bra Flask, which can be worn over your bosom, holds 25.3 ounces of alcohol but that is not the only thing it does. It also increases your bust size by two full cups! So, while you will have all the alcohol you will need to get through the prom night, you will also have a great bust size to show for it.


3) Flask in Your Shorts


This disguised flask can be worn underneath a pair of shorts or pants. It contains 24 ounces of alcohol, which may make you look like a freak on the outside but who cares, right? After all, you will have your own alcohol supply for the evening.


4) Sandal Flasks beer Belt


This one is probably the most hilarious and gross as well, considering the fact that alcohol comes into indirect contact with the road you are walking on. Now that you have stopped laughing, let us tell you these sandals have a 1.5 ounce container hidden in each sole, which can carry up to 3 ounces of alcohol. The only downslide is that it is not enough alcohol to get you drunk.


5) Fake Beer Belly


Would you like a Beer Belly for yourself? Don’t frown because this beer belly comes with actual booze in it, which you can drink through a filling hose. It carries 25.3 ounces of alcohol around your belly. The fun part is that as you go on drinking, you go on losing your beer belly too. If getting thin was so easy!


6) Seat Flask Cushion


This device is too easy to carry into a stadium for a sporting event or into concerts, especially those where you need something to keep you going through a drab performance. Take a breath! This cushion, which conceals a flask in it, can hold 36 ounces of alcohol and while you drink yourself silly, people around you would think you are cheering your players.


It was not long ago when the Jewish leaders were losing sleep over bad drinking habits of Jewish youth, especially during the Purim festival. If such sneaky alcohol containers are available  freely, it may not be long before every other community in America will have to face the same dilemma. The only thing to say to the teenagers is that, "please be responsible while drinking because you never know, what might happen once you are knocked out by all that booze."


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Alcohol In Disguise - Teens Get Drunk On Sly