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Is Your Bikini Ready To Pop?

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Bottle Betty This has to be the craziest bikini idea ever but then who can blame designers for being crazy. After all, it is this out-of-box thinking on which this fraternity thrives. So, here is presenting the ‘Bottle Betty’ line of swimwear with, what else, a ‘bottle opener.’ Yes, so, now if you are looking to open a bottle of beer or soda while at the beach, all you have to do is strip down to your swimwear and pop the bottle open. The admiring stares that you get after that will just be the bonus!


This bikini has taken food and fashion to new heights and it is already being called all things from “new, bold, innovative” to “sexy, stylish, and fun.” It was in Valencia, a town just outside the Los Angeles county, which is also the hometown of the ‘Bottle Betty’ owners, that they got the idea to create the bottle-opening bikini. When you have to pop bottles right from the backyard swimming pools to roadside rivers, you may want to have a bottle opener handy.


The bottle opener lies just between the breast cups of the bikini top as well as on the hip. So, in case you want to go topless, you know, you can without the fear of losing out on this ‘facility.’ Speaking in favor of the new product, Co-owner of ‘Bottle Betty’, Michelle Sommers said, “Our Bottle Betty product is meant to be fun from both ends. Men find the product sexy and inviting and women find the product useful, stylish, and a great conversation starter.” Her partner, Co-owner Jennifer Kinney pitches in, “Our research shows the only new in decades within the swimwear industry has been from design or fabrics. In today’s economy, Bottle Betty gives the consumer a new spin on swimwear that will entice them to spend their precious dollar on a new suit.”


Currently, the ‘Bottle Betty’ team is working hard to improve on the durability of its product and they already believe that the product they have at hand is not only heat-resistant, rust-proof, but also “ready for maximum popping.” The bikini has its own website so if you want to check it out, you know where to head.


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Is Your Bikini Ready To Pop?