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Your Lamb Kebab Has No Lamb In It!

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Lamb kebabs 1This shocking revelation was made when a group of officers, from Trading Standards, tested kebabs and found that each one of the samples contained a concoction of meats other than just lamb. That warrants the observation that your lamb kebab probably has no lamb in it. Read on why...


1) The Investigation


Kebabs are the most popular takeaway food in the UK. Since lamb is the most expensive meat to consume, there is more chance that the customer may be shortchanged. Therefore, it is all the more important for the administration to keep a check on whether the right thing is being sold or not. That is why the ‘Warwickshire County Council’ trading standards sent a team of its officers to 20 random restaurants and takeaway joints. These places are located in Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington Spa, Rugby, and Nuneaton. The officers bought 39 lamb curries and lamb kebabs and brought them back for lab testing.


2) The Results


Not a single one of the lamb kebabs samples contained only lamb. All of them were made with a mixture of lamb, pork, beef, or poultry. While the officers admit that some restaurants or takeaways may be using chicken deliberately because it helps lamb meat to stick together, but there is no justification in the fact that none of the kebabs were made purely out of lamb meat. This is nothing short of deception or cheating. However, that is not the end of the story. Four out of the 19 lamb curry samples had no lamb at all in it while only three contained only lamb.


3) More Shocking News lamb kebab 2


When these samples were tested to find out what they actually contained, the officers were in for shock. As much as 70% of kebabs had high levels of artificial food colorings, which can have an adverse impact on sensitive people, and can even lead to hyperactivity among children. In fact one lamb sample contained artificial coloring 18 times higher than permitted levels while another kebab sample had 13 times higher coloring.


4) The Council Says


Portfolio holder for community safety, Richard Hobbs, said, “Consumers rely on accurate food descriptions. Some foods are not permitted to be eaten by some religions and cultures, whilst some people may wish to avoid some foods because of allergy concerns. Consumers should also have the confidence that if they are buying an expensive product such as lamb, that they are not getting chicken instead, a meat that is half the price. Warwickshire trading standards will now be contacting every restaurant and takeaway involved.” He also promised that the council would carry out further investigations to make it safer for consumers to eat out.


With food recalls turning out to be the order of the day, dining out is becoming an increasingly hazardous option for families. To top that, news such as this can really put you off eating out forever. Have you ordered lamb kebab recently? 


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Your Lamb Kebab Has No Lamb In It!