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Goggles - The Ultimate Dieting Weapon

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Dieting GogglesYou have tried every diet in the book, tortured yourself in every which way, done every exercise with your gym instructor, but still those bloody pounds refuse to go. Well, a team of Japanese scientists is about to give you the ultimate dieting weapon – a pair of dieting goggles, and two more gadgets, which will trick you, or your mind (to be more specific) into eating less. How does that sound?


1) Diet as per Your Convenience


This gadget, which is a far cry from Google’s augmented reality eyewear but it will be appreciated by those who hate to exercise but still want to lose weight. Since Japan has long been the frontrunner in devising impressive technologies for the future, it was only natural that the Japanese scientists come up with something for painless and effortless dieting too. Thus were born three different gadgets or models, which need to be worn together during the dietary program.


2) The Dieting Goggles


To state simply, the pair of dieting goggles “tricks” the eaters into thinking that the food in their hand is 50% bigger in size, thus making them believe that they are eating a lot. It is a bulky, robotic contraption that covers the eye and nose area. The principle behind this gadget is to “trick” dieters into feeling fuller by making them think they are eating bigger portions. The best part is that while the size of the food is increased, the size of hand and the surroundings remains the same.


3) The MetaCookie+


Another weightloss-gadget that the team of scientists is working upon is the MetaCookie+, which is even more indulgent for the dieters. This tasting headgear conveys the smell of a tastier food while the dieter is eating something less desirable. For example, if you are eating a plain cracker while wearing MetaCookie+, it can be programmed to send your brain the smell of a chocolate chip cookie, so that you are tricked into eating something, which you are not actually eating. How cool is that?


4) All Things Blue


Another gadget, another pair of goggles, which is under testing stage with the team of scientists, is able to make food appear blue to the person. Although, not much of a hi-tech approach as other gadgets mentioned here, these goggles are the ones that can be instantly available to western dieters. These goggles work on the simple approach that by making all food appear blue, it would become unappealing to the dieter. The Japanese firm Yumetai, which is behind the research, explains that color blue calms the activity in the brain’s appetite center, thus giving it an opportunity to eat less.


5) The Team


The team of researchers, who are working on these three gadgets are led by Professor Michitaka Hirose of Tokyo University, Japan. All the gadgets are in the experimentation stage and the results have been encouraging so far:

a. Those who ate wearing the dieting goggles ate an average of 9.3% less than those who ate without the goggles.

b. When the food was made to appear smaller than its actual size, people eating while wearing the goggles ate 15% more.

6) Professor Speaks


Speaking about his pathbreaking gadget, Prof. Hirose says, “There’s this idea that depending on whether the size or portions are big or small, the amount of food people consume changes. So we thought it would be interesting to try out the concept using computers.” Talking about how the gadget works, he said, “First the computer must recognize the food type. After that, the aim is to reduce and enlarge the size of the portion while the hand holding it stays the same – that’s the point of our technology.” He also speaks about how the technology plays with the mind, “When you experience reality, you need all of the five senses. So our vision is to create a display not only using sight and sound, but also including texture, hearing, taste, and then to integrate these five senses into the display.”


With new diet scams surfacing every other day, the options are getting limited. So, these gadgets may actually spell a good future for the dieters. Although, in their present shape, the gadgets are not too appealing but going by the impact they can have on your dietary preferences, it may not be too late before the commercial sector becomes interested in improving the looks of these dieting gadgets.


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Goggles - The Ultimate Dieting Weapon