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Food Crimes – There Is A Spit In Your Drink!

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Food Crime 1You must have recently read about how a man was served ‘green chicken’ (read rotten chicken) at a KFC joint. Well, this blog is another one in the same vein as it talks of the food crimes committed either by employees who serve the customers callously or  get carried away in a wave of passion. Nothing else can explain the fact that customers in these cases have been served everything – from razor blades to human empanadas. It is shuddering to think of what you may get inside your burger. Shudder some more as you read on.


1) IHOP’s Muslim Diktat


This is about post-9/11 America and it is alleged that IHOP management asked four of its Muslim employees to “lay low” every September 1st. The disgruntled employees worked at restaurants in Dallas/Fort Worth area and they have been forced to file a lawsuit against the company for firing them because of their religion. The company allegedly harassed the men and also passed derogatory comments against them.


2) A Spit In Your Drink Food Crime 2


A disgruntled employee took it out on the customers because the drink, iced tea, that he served the customers, was less sweet than he wanted it to be. This employee did it with two customers.


food Crime 33) Hot Dog Tongs


When a man went to rob an Arkansas convenience store, he could find nothing except a pair of hot dog tongs to threaten the store employees. No wonder the robbery was a failure.


4) A ‘Tomato’ Punch Food Crime 4


At a Sonic drive-in, a customer punched an employee because the burger he ordered contained tomato. The outlet informed that the tomato was put accidentally into the burger, which is certainly no cause for the man to punch the poor employee.


Food Crime 55) Gruesome Pastries


This Brazilian version of “Sweeney Todd” plot was written by a man and two women, who have been accused of murdering 5 people, eating their body parts, making empanadas with their flesh, and selling them to their neighbors.


6) McDonald’s Razor Blade Breakfast Food Crime 6


In Illinois, when a woman ordered eggs for her breakfast at a McDonald’s outlet, she got something she hardly expected to eat – a razor blade. As the picture shows, the blade was glinting silver right under the eggs.


7) Thousand Bacon Strips on a Burger


This one is not a crime against a human but definitely a crime against food. How else would you explain what happened in this video:

From spitting in your drink to feeding you razor blades, from robbing with hot dog tongs to bacon overload on burger, these food crimes have rocked the restaurant world recently. If you have something to share, write in with your comments.


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Food Crimes – There Is A Spit In Your Drink!