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Careless Waitress Serves Rum Cocktail To A 10-Year-Old

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Olive GardenA careless waitress served a rum cocktail to a 10-year-old boy at an Olive Garden restaurant in Indianapolis. As a result, the poor boy had to be hospitalized, where the doctors described him as “shaken up.” Read how it happened.


1) Boy at Olive Garden


The child was with his family and his mother ordered a Wildberry Frullato, which is just an innocent fruit smoothie for her son. The smoothie contains no alcohol. In fact, none of the boy’s family members had ordered any alcohol that day at the restaurant. That is why the mistake is even more unpardonable.


2) The Boy Drinks Cocktail


The waitress accidentally put a rum cocktail in front of the boy, which contained about 4 ounces of rum. The family members also did not pay any attention to the cocktail, probably because they may not have been aware of what the Frullato looks like. Nevertheless, the boy started drinking the cocktail and by the time the waitress realized her blunder and informed the management, half of the drink was gone.


3) The After-Effect


The boy’s family says that after their son drank half of the cocktail, he started acting strange. His concerned family members took him to the hospital, where alcohol was found to be in his body. The shaken family members then took the matter to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. In a statement the next day, the restaurant chain said, “We find this situation completely unacceptable and we are extremely upset that this occurred. We have a zero tolerance policy for any violation of our responsible alcohol service policy, and the employee who served the wrong drink has been terminated. We are thankful that the child is okay and we will continue to work with the family to resolve this issue.” However, those words mean nothing especially when you consider the fact that only last year, one of Olive Garden’s Michigan restaurants got international attention when a toddler was served sangria, again, by accident.


4) The Alcohol Accidents Olive Garden 1


While kids drinking alcohol, on a sly, is nothing uncommon but serving alcohol to kids unintentionally or intentionally (Who Knows???), is also not very uncommon. Sample these incidences:

  1. A15-month-old’s mother ordered apple juice for him at Applebee’s but he got a margarita instead.
  2. A four-year-old wanted a chocolate shake at Chili’s but was served an alcoholic mudslide drink, which led to an alcohol overdose for the poor child.
  3. At Olive Garden, Florida, a two-year-old was served alcoholic sangria while his parents had ordered orange juice.


While many people have been found to mistake sugary sports drinks as healthy and drink them for years without realizing how it was affecting them badly but this situation is a lot more dangerous. The only hopeful part in this story is that the employee was terminated when the management came to know of the blunder. However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that mistakes are happening in restaurants, and it is the children who are at risk. So, next time you order a drink for your child, make sure to taste it before he does.


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Careless Waitress Serves Rum Cocktail To A 10-Year-Old