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Sustainable Seafood For Earth Day, Calling All Seafood-Lovers

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Earth Day 1Increasing shortage of seafood and the resulting rising costs means that seafood-lovers need to pay attention to more sustainable means of finding a catch. With Earth Day round the corner on April 22, acclaimed Chef Takao Iinuma calls out to all seafood-lovers to encourage sustainable means of consumption so that the oceans are not depleted of their resources. Chef Iinuma is the executive chef, Genji Sushi, who supplies sushi and Japanese cuisine foods to Whole Foods Markets.


1) Which Fish are Sustainable?


Chef Iinuma says, “Sushi is a culture, and learning to make sushi the traditional way has been passed down for generations. If we want to be able to continue the tradition of sushi culture for the next generations, we need to work to preserve the diversity of fish available.” In this regard, he suggests that the consumers should remember the 4S formula.


2) The 4S formula


  1. Small – Since small fish are found at the bottom rank of the food chain, they are more abundant in number and have a longer life span. Therefore, it is easier to replenish their stock quickly.
  2. Shellfish – These fish, e.g., clams and oysters help in keeping the water environment clean as they filter the water. As a result, farming the shellfish doesn’t pose environmental issues like other fish. Therefore, it is beneficial to eat more of shellfish.
  3. Seasonal – Food found in its own season tastes better and doesn’t tilt the environmental or natural balance. Therefore, the best way to sustain fish would be to eat seasonally and locally.
  4. Silver – This may sound a little interesting to seafood-lovers. Fish such as mackerel, pacific saury, and Spanish mackerel, which are silver in color are actually “plentiful, healthy, and delicious.”


3) Try Something New Takao Iinuma


Chef Iinuma suggests that consumers should not depend on just one type of fish while eating at home or dining out. Now, you all are aware of America’s obsession with salmon and tuna. That needs to be changed. Iinuma says, “If we want to still be able to eat those fish in 50 years, we need to change that. Instead of ordering only salmon or tuna, try something new and local.”


4) Ways to Sustain Fish


The best way to sustain fish is to use them in popular recipes such as sushi or simply grilling them. According to Chef Iinuma, “Sushi is a great way to enjoy many sustainable fish, especially silver-skinned fish like saba (mackerel), kohada (gizzard shad) and iwashi (sardine). Simple grilled fish is another great way to enjoy almost any fish, and you can easily adapt the menu to enjoy the best seasonal flavor.”


So, this is the lowdown on how to sustain seafood, especially fish, if you still want to be able to eat it down the line and leave some for the future generations as well. In case you find it difficult to follow these rules, do write in with your problems.


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Sustainable Seafood For Earth Day, Calling All Seafood-Lovers