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Rashmi Uday Singh Brings ‘A Vegetarian In Paris’

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ParisKnown for the different paths that she takes in her quest for good food, author and food critic Rashmi Uday Singh has done it again. She has written a book titled, “A Vegetarian in Paris,” which is the first-ever guide for a vegetarian to the city of Paris. Those who know Paris know that the city has nothing to offer to a veggie eater. However, the vegetarian readers will be able to find their way around the city  easily with the help of this book. 


1) The Book Launch


The author chose The Eau Bar at the prestigious Oberoi hotel in Mumbai to launch her boo for vegetarians. However, the interesting part was that she had planned a full vegetarian menu and invited just vegetarians to the launch party. The book was released by Shahid Kapoor, Bollywood star and a vegetarian himself. During the launch, Kapoor told the audience, “I have traveled to Europe and let me tell you that I starved every time I have been there, because it is impossible to find places that cater to vegetarians.” The guests were given Haagen-Dazs ice cream and chocolate replicas of Eiffel Tower to take home. The book event was sponsored by VFS Global, Air France, and Atout France.


2) The Vegetarian’s Dilemma


The world is turning vegetarian today at a lightening speed. However, switching from being an omnivore to a herbivore is not devoid of challenges, both social and economic. If you are not financially too sound, or have a personal chef, then it may become a struggle for you to find vegetarian food in the city of love. Since the West is mainly hung up on meat consumption, people who are vegetarian find it difficult to stick to their diet. The gourmet capital of the world welcomes 15.1 million visitors every year and it becomes all the more difficult in case of tourists who are traveling to cities like Paris because they are not familiar with the vegetarian eateries located in the nooks and crannies of the famous city. But now Rashmi Uday Singh’s book is set to change all that.


3) A Vegetarian in Paris


Speaking at the launch party, Singh assured that the book is going to be “the ultimate vegetarian guide to Paris” and the first of its kind in the world. This path-breaking book is a result of a year-long research, which the author has conducted in Paris and, which, she hopes, would come in handy for vegetarian travelers to Paris. The book reviews some of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants, 350 in all, to tell the reader what to look for when you go visiting Paris and want to eat only vegetarian. The reviewed places include bakeries, food shops, and even cooking classes. The restaurants suit everyone’s budget, right from the street-side stalls to the Tony eateries. The best part, however, is the chapter containing recipes from the world’s greatest Michelin-starred chefs.


Tourists, in any city of the world, face a hard time searching for food of their choice. Now that Rashmi Uday Singh has solved the problem for those going to Paris, for those coming to India, here is some help – places for vegetarians in Delhi.


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Rashmi Uday Singh Brings ‘A Vegetarian In Paris’