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World Food Championships With Adam Richman

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Adam RichmanIf you still haven’t had enough of the cute Adam Richman on TV, here is good news! He will be back, albeit a little late in the year. In November 2012, Richman shall host the "World Food Championships", a large-scale culinary contest, right inside your living rooms. Read on to know more.


1) A Bit More Of Competitions


As if the spate of cooking competitions, live or on TV, were not enough, the Trybe Targeting, a marketing agency already representing more than 700 food-based contests in America, comes up with the World Food Championships. The scale of the competition is massive and it intends to be bigger than anything else seen on TV so far. So, be prepared for another gluttonous ride through the cooking counter and who better than Adam Richman to take you through.


2) World Food Championships


This is a four-day contest but don’t get deceived by that bit of information. There is a lot packed in those four days, which begin on November 1 this year. Don’t believe us? Listen to Richman, “In a day and age when there are so many culinary competitions – ranging from contests of taste to those of technique – The World Food championships will be the ultimate food competition. It will be the biggest stage in the cooking competition world, where every beloved food from around the globe and everyone from professionals to amateur enthusiasts can come to take their shot at the title and prove that they have what it takes to be the best.”


3) The World, Did You Say?  BBQ


Don’t get carried away by the “World” in the title of this championship. It is decidedly American as is explained in the various categories across which the contestants will compete - sample barbecue, chili, sandwiches, burgers, and side dishes. Besides, the championship also has an online recipe contest and a “World Chef Challenge”, which is open to American chefs – there, you read it. So America, get ready for the biggest challenge of all!


Chefs4) The Spoils


You can take home as much as $250,000 across all categories while those victorious in various categories can win from $25,000 to $75,000 in prize money. The winner of the culminating event, a “Final Table” face-off, will be named “World Food Champion.”


5) The Categories Side Dish


There are seven different food categories before the final face-off to be held from November 1 – 4, 2012. Except for the final battle, no other contests would be shot for live TV. The categories are as follows:

  1. World Side-Dish Championship
  2. World Sandwich Championship
  3. World Open Chili Championship
  4. World Burger Championship
  5. VIP Burger & Bubbly Bash
  6. World Champion’s Challenge
  7. World Chef Challenge
  8. World Barbecue Championship
  9. World Open Chili Championship (Red and Home style)
  10. VIP BBQ and Bourbon Bash
  11. The Final Table

ChiliThe program will use a collection of celebrities, chefs, and public for its judging processes for picking winners in the seven key categories. After all the seven are selected, they will meet at the “Final Table” for the coveted prize. The official rules, qualifying process, and the eligibility criteria will be revealed to the public starting April 30, 2012.


Going by the scale of this event, it sure will make its way into the top 5 food shows on television. The World Food Championships will take place in Vegas, more specifically in the casinos, so it can’t get any better than this. The program organizers will announce the casino hosts as well as the competition schedule in detail on May 15. In case you are piped up about the event, visit the World Food Championships website.


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World Food Championships With Adam Richman