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SushiBot Debuts At The World Food & Beverage Great Expo 2012

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SushiBot 1The "World Food and Beverage Great Expo 2012" is buzzing these days, with news which has nothing to do with the machines but everything to do with the food served by these machines. Quite specifically, the SushiBot, on display at the Expo, is attracting developers and general public alike because it promises to revolutionize the whole sushi experience.


1) SushiBot can do a Lot


Suzumo is a manufacturing company, which intends to take sushi making out of human hands and their means to do so is the SushiBot. So, you will not have to be dependent on regular sushi masters like Jiro Ono, who was recently a part of the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi.” However, this SushiBot is no dream. It is a reality and it can churn out 3,600 piece of sushi in an hour. Another version of this machine can roll out 300 medium-sized sushi rolls in an hour.


2) The Machine


This machine is equipped to recreate sushi complete with the handmade taste and technique that comes with handmade sushi. The SushiBot is a countertop machine that brings out oblong rice mounds out of a top-mounted rice bucket. These mounds are sculpted into a neatly shaped pellet, which is then put up on a revolving platform, upon which a piece of raw fish is rested. That is how your sushi is made. Watch this video to better understand how this machine works:

3) Does SushiBot Mean End of Sushi Chefs?


Hardly so, or at least food experts don’t think so, “it’s hard to imagine high-end sushi restaurants lowering themselves to the depths of what is essentially McSushi. The mechanical sushi assistants are clearly geared more toward all-you-can-eat joints, high-volume supermarkets, sporting venues, hospitals or schools.” A Suzomo representative explains further, “It is true a skilled chef has trained for a long time. However with Suzomo’s sushi-making machines, everyone can make stable-quality sushi very easily.”


4) The SushiBot Journey


Suzomo’s first attempt at making a sushi robot was in 1981 and since then, a lot of companies have been trying to bring out a lot of machines of the same nature. One of these machines was called “Robotic Sushi.” Not quite appetizing, right? Not necessarily sushi, but there are other food items, which are enticing makers to go for automated versions, including getting your sugar fix with automatic sprinkles machine.


5) Advantages of SushiBot SushiBot 2


The main aim of the company is “to precisely recreate the handmade taste and technique used by an experienced sushi chef.” This machine is, in fact, targeted to serve at all-you-can-eat joints, supermarkets, sporting venues, schools, and hospitals. Among the many advantages of this machine are:-


  1. Standardization – when you are keen to have identical pieces of sushi ready within hours without too much manual labor.
  2. Cost-Reduction – Less expenditure and more gain
  3. Customization – You will get the kind of sushi you or your guests want without bothering about much


There is only one catch – the SushiBot needs humans to place ingredients on the rice mounds. But the manufacturers are confident that this will not hurt the machine’s cool quotient in any way. Well, if you are a fan of new age kitchen gadgets, this sure is good news for you. What is your take on this?


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SushiBot Debuts At The World Food & Beverage Great Expo 2012