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Rat Hair, Feathers, Sand Are Being Added To Your Food!

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Rat HairThe cochineal extract in Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino is  old news now. The latest is that there may be rat hairs, feathers or sand in what you so lovingly put into your mouth from various fast food restaurants and shopping chains. Steady yourself because the situation is about to get worse!


1) Do You Really Know?


These days, almost anything can go into making your favorite packaged food. Thanks to the newly mandatory nutritional labeling and activism from people such as chef Jamie Oliver, this information is out there. However, according to a recent investigation led by a newspaper, people are still not completely aware of what goes into making their favorite foods. And, don’t just blame the fast food chains. They are not the only culprits!


2) Disgusting Ingredients Toilet Bleach


Forget about artificial coloring. Think of rat hair, duck feathers, and toilet bleach. Yes, that’s what we are talking about and that is what is currently going into your favorite foods. Here is a list of such disgusting ingredients being used presently:-

  1. Fish bladder is used to make beer
  2. Sand goes into making Wendy’s Chili
  3. Toilet bleach is used for potato wafers
  4. Duck feathers find their way into baked goods
  5. Rat hair and insect fragments are found in chocolate
  6. Crushed beetles go into Starbucks’ Frappuccinos
  7. Beaver anal secretions and urine are used to add ‘flavor’ to ice cream
  8. Sheep’s wool goes into preparing chewing gum
  9. Sawdust is found in grated cheese
  10. Pig skin is a part of Jello
  11. Maggots are being passed off as mushrooms

There is much more that goes on right under your nose but this is just a small part of the whole gamut.


Pig Skin3) Is It Legal?


Well, the FDA says so. According to the FDA directions, one rat hair  or 60 insect fragments per 100 grams in every six 100-gram samples is allowed. FDA says that “natural flavoring” is a usual thing to add to the food.

In fact, when McDonald’s recently admitted to the Vegetarian Resource Group that it used L-Cysteine in its Baked Hot Apple Pie and Warm Cinnamon Roll, not many eyebrows were raised. However, when people found out that L-Cysteine is actually an amino acid made from human hair and duck feathers, and its main aim is to soften the bread, it led to an outcry. The FDA assurance that this is normal is of little importance if you care about what you eat.

So, the picture is clear! What you see while eating is often not what you actually eat. The food contains much more and, more often than not, it contains what you would never expect to put in your mouth. Isn't thisshocking? Do share your reactions with us.


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Rat Hair, Feathers, Sand Are Being Added To Your Food!