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Bacon is, undeniably, good to eat, but what happens when you come across a website designed using real bacon? Yes, a recent occurence endorses this fact!, a leading sports website, has given this meat a new hallmark, by going completely bacon from March 30th.


The website enjoys an overwhelming traffic of 25 million unique visitors every month, and with this unusual addition, it is sure going to rock. What is shocking is that the bacon used is not any digital magic – it is a photographic representation of the physical replica of the site that has been created using bacon.


How Do You Navigate?

Just click on the yellow button on the homepage, once you are in the website so that to get the greasy bacon-wrapped site. Nevertheless, the images remain unaffected.


The Facts!

Designed and developed by the digital ad agency, CP+B, this new version of the sports site is meant for the promotion of Kraft Homestyle’s latest flavor - sharp cheddar and bacon.

 “We know people hate banners about as much as they love bacon, so it made sense to use one to offset the other,” CP+B creative director Tom Markham says. “And we’re lucky enough to work with a client who knows that sometimes you’ve got to do unexpected things — like build a website entirely out of meat.”


Wait To Feel The “Baconisation” Effect Until April 7th!

The bacon site had gone live for just two days – 30th and 31st. As for now, you can experience the website in its normal form. Catch your breath and wait until April 7th to experience the bacon effect!  


Check out this video to know the secrets behind this bacon-draped website!



You can also check out a weird art form of bacon.  from this site itself.


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