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Gujarat’s Affordable Ice Cream Experience!

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Coriander Ice Cream"You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! And it seems Shree Balaji Janta Ice Cream parlor has heard these cries because it is offering an “affordable ice cream experience to all and sundry. The only condition is you will have to travel to the Parle Point, Ichhanath area in Surat, Gujarat to partake those delicious and rare flavors of ice cream. Here is what you  get to eat.


1) Green Chili Ice Cream


We bet you never thought of this one and to some tongues, it may even sound like an oxymoron, but the Gujarat parlor is selling an ice cream flavored with green chilis and this ice cream is selling, literally, like hot cakes. The heat from the chili complements the cool ice wonderfully and leaves an after-zing on your palate. In case you are apprehensive about the flavor, keep a bottle of water handy.


2) Ginger Ice Cream


This flavor needs no introduction from anybody seriously, because ginger has been used as an ingredient in ice cream since times immemorial. The ginger ice cream works perfect for those who want a different taste from the regular ice cream flavors.


3) Coriander Ice Cream


This is a double shot of coolness, with coriander and ice both giving their own version of cool feeling to your palate. Although, the Shree Balaji Janta parlor’s coriander ice cream has just a hint of coriander, some even demand a more overwhelming flavor to go in their cup.


4) Lemon Ice Cream


Now, this may not be exactly a rare flavor because you eat lemon in your cake, bread and stew. So, this ‘safe” flavor has many takers at the parlor and people often like to combine lemon ice cream with some other stronger flavor and have a nice, good sundae to themselves.


5) Garlic Ice Cream Multi-flavored ice creams


You may thing yuck! When you read about garlic, the only thing that comes to mind is the pungent, strong odor. But wait till you eat a scoop of this ice cream. It has just the hint of garlic and the ice cream smells wonderful, nothing like the raw garlic. What’s more, the medicinal properties of garlic are maintained in the ice cream too, although, the same cannot be said about the calorie count.


6) Mint Ice Cream


You may have gorged on mint chocolate chip cookie ice cream. Now eat just the mint ice cream and you will know what it means to eat at the Shree Balaji Janta Ice Cream parlor.


7) Whiskey Ice Cream


This one should strictly be sold to adults only but there is no such rule at the parlor, thankfully. They just use a strongly-flavored non-alcoholic whiskey in the ice cream and you can have it in shot glasses. Yum yum!


So, these are some of the rare ice cream flavors served at the Shree Balaji Janta Ice Cream Parlor in Surat, Gujarat and though, none of these flavors are like the weird ice cream flavors you may have read about, all these are, nonetheless, worth trying at least once.


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Gujarat’s Affordable Ice Cream Experience!