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Cinnamon Challenge: The Deadly Games Kids Play

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Cinnamon ChallengeThings that the youngsters today do just for a challenge would sound outrageous to the older generation but that doesn’t mean that they will stop doing it! If you recall games that you used to play as kids or teenagers, you will realize that every generation goes through these pressure-pangs where they do things, which don’t really have any purpose. Be it the "Chubby Bunny challenge" or the "saltine challenge", these kids don’t think much about the fact that these games may just prove to be deadly for someone.


1) Marshmallow & Saltines


As kids, you must have stuffed your mouth with marshmallows while saying, “I am a chubby bunny” till you could speak no more. Or you may also have tried to eat six Saltines in under one minute without drinking any water. Both the games were difficult as it became impossible to swallow so many marshmallows or digest so many saltines without water. In case of the Chubby Bunny game, a child reportedly even died because of the challenge.


2) The Cinnamon Challenge


The latest food craze to rock American kids is the Cinnamon Challenge, wherein people try to put a spoonful of cinnamon into their mouths and then try to swallow it within a minute without gulping down water. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it is. But if you see the effects of the challenge, you can’t help but have a good laugh.


3) Glozell1’s ‘Ladle’ Challenge


A user by the name Glozell1 has posted herself while attempting this challenge. It was the peer pressure, which forced her to go for it as, in her own words, “What’s so challenging about cinnamon?” Watch her face as she goes for it. The best thing about this video is that Glozell1 uses, not a spoon, but a ladle to eat cinnamon.

4) Dimpled Lass Coughs Up Cinnamon


A PYT, probably a college student, has also uploaded her video on YouTube, wherein she eats a spoonful of cinnamon to prove her point. However, soon enough she coughs it out and then goes for the water, thus failing the challenge.

5) SteveJoLo Goes the Cinnamon Way


This video has to be the funniest of all the attempts present online. This guy eats a spoonful, then goes bonkers, running around like a scurrying rat as his buddies laugh hilariously. SteveJoLo says, “I thought I was gonna die.”

6) Is it Okay?


It doesn’t seem to be a good thing to attempt if all the cinnamon challenge videos on YouTube are anything to go by. Cinnamon is a powdery substance, which is hard to swallow, especially on a dry throat. But these kinds of challenges appeal to the youngsters, which is why they do them.


Cinnamon is a very beneficial spice and it is used extensively in kitchens wordlwide. However, the way it has been used in the challenge, doesn't seem right. Have you attempted the cinnamon challenge yet? If yes, tell us about your experience or upload your video on If not, tell us if you would like to.


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Cinnamon Challenge: The Deadly Games Kids Play