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Obamas Get It Right With A Grill For British PM Cameron

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Obama-CameronIt took a $1900 wood and charcoal grill and smoker combo for the Obamas to get it right with the British Government. After committing a mistake of gifting the former British PM, Gordon Brown a set of movie DVDs, which didn’t play on the devices sold in the UK, President Barack Obama got it right this time when he gifted Brown’s successor, David Cameron with a grill and smoker combination, which is made in Illinois, the Prez’s home state.


1) Last Mistake


It must have been really embarrassing, not only for President Obama, but for the whole US Administration, that PM Brown received a gift, which he couldn’t even use back home. Obviously, someone had not given it good thought while deciding what Obama should gift Brown and his family. Nevertheless, the mistake was played out a lot in the media and, for a while, it seemed that the US-UK relations could suffer a dent as well. Moreover, Cameron’s gift goes well with Obama’s love for chilis, hot dogs, wings, and burgers.


2) Correcting the Mistake


Learning a lesson from his past mistake, President Obama may have wanted to rectify it when British PM Cameron came visiting to the White House. The gift was an Engelbrecht Braten 1000, which is not a surprise because the two leaders have been shown bonding with each other over a garden party, where they cooked burgers and hot dogs while wearing white shirts and ties. Now, howzzat about two dishy men, so powerful in their countries, dressed in white and munching away while discussing world affairs?


3) The Gift Engelbrecht grill


The Engelbrecht Grill is made by Engelbrecht Grills and Cookers, which are a small-time manufacturer in Paxton, Illinois, just 3 hours out of Chicago. Apart from the grill and smoker, the company also builds small portable campfire and fireplace grills, the Braten 1000, and a larger stahlkammer 2000. The grill, gifted to Cameron, has American and British friendship flags placed on it and the gift also contains two White House chef jackets, each featuring flags of both the countries.


4) The Nifty Features of Engelbrecht Grill


The grill-smoker combo, which Obama gifted to Cameron, comes with a host of unusual features, main among which is a coal bed, which is operable by a turning wheel and can be raised or lowered while cooking. This arrangement is also found in large grills used in Southern California. These large grills are often called Santa Maria grills, after the city where these are manufactured. The most prominent features of this smoker/grill combo are:-

a.     Open on the top

b.     Heat absorbing lid

c.      Firebox on the side

d.     Heavy duty steel with welded seams

e.      Large cooking grate


The grill that Cameron received as a gift has some features unique to it, e.g., it contains all indigenous parts. This is a little surprise because the Engelbrecht grills are usually made using a few imported parts as well. But more than anything else, the grill/smoker combo cooks meat that is tender and juicy, with the all permeating wood flavor. So, if you feel inspired enough, just go and get yourself one too.


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Obamas Get It Right With A Grill For British PM Cameron