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Toshiba’s Food Scanner Will Save Your Time

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ScannerYour supermarket experience is going to get faster courtesy an Object Recognition Scanner, built by Toshiba of Japan. While it may sound like a machine more suitable for a laboratory but it is going to prove immensely useful in the supermarket check out line. It is because the machine will be able to recognize food items just like the existing machines identify the barcode on packaged goods and enter their price. Isn’t that amazing! Let's see how...


1) Getting Rid of Long Lines at the Cash Counter


When you finish your supermarket shopping, you dread having to stand in the long line to the cash counter. The line is delayed because unlike the packaged goods, the fresh produce has to be counted manually and its price has to be entered by the man or woman behind the counter. The fresh produce is sold by weight and, they cannot have a barcode because to do that you may have to put a sticker directly on the apple, orange, cucumber, or onion. That may eventually damage or rot the food item. Therefore, the best way to speed up things is to devise a way by which the fresh produce can also be handled at the same rate at which the packaged good are taken up.


2) Toshiba’s Innovation


The Japanese electronics goods company, Toshiba, did just that. The Object Recognition Scanner works on the technology similar to the facial recognition technique, the only difference being that the machine recognizes food instead of humans. The initial experimentation on the machine is complete and the company is presently busy creating a database of supermarket items for the scanner to be used upon.


3) The Food Recognition Technology


The machine recognizes food, including fruits and vegetables, which has made the barcodes obsolete, at least in case of fresh produce. The machine is capable of recognizing all types of food and Keiichi Hasegawa of Toshiba explains why it is a revolutionary product, “Fruit and vegetables in supermarkets don’t usually have bar codes because they’re put out while they’re fresh, so these items can’t be read at the register using bar codes, which means staff need to input data to record them. If the staff members are part-time employees, they may not recognize some items, which can cause delays. We’re developing this new scanner to solve that problem.”


4) Easily Identified


The machine is able to identify not just which fruit it is but also the variety of fruit or vegetables. As a result, the shop assistants would be able to do their job faster because they would not need to punch in the price manually now.


Although, Toshiba is still developing the machine and it will be sometime before it is launched on a large scale, rest assured that when it is out, your supermarket check-out line is going to be as smooth as your supermarket shopping is. It is definitely going to be one of the top five food inventions of all time. Until that happens, here is a look at how the machine actually works:-

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Toshiba’s Food Scanner Will Save Your Time