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Simpli OatShake Wins NRA’s Innovative Product Award

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oat shake 1What could be better than having a bowl of oats or a glass of smoothie every morning? Having a combination of both! And this is possible in the form of Simpli OatShake, which brings together the goodness of oats within a portable snack that is natural, hunger-busting, and completely vegan. Now, isn’t breakfast time just amazing? Well, the industry thinks so too and that is why the OatShake has been awarded the winner of the Food and Beverage Product Innovation Award, given every year by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).


1) Happy Birthday OatShake


The Simpli OatShake has been in the market for just about a year and it has already made a name for itself with the ingenuity shown by its manufacturers in combining taste with health. It is this ingenuity that has been recognized with the NRA honor, which is usually reserved for consumer products that represent advancements and innovation in terms of ingredients, preparation, processing, and packaging. Besides the award, the OatShake would also be displayed at the NRA Show 2012 in the gallery showcasing the F&B Product Innovations between May 5 and 8 at McCormick Place, Chicago.


2) The Complete Breakfast


The Simpli OatShake was chosen for this award because of a healthy nutritional profile, which is built by natural ingredients in a high quality environment. The product was released into the US market only a year ago but it has created its own space within the beverage industry within such short time. Therefore, it is raining awards for the OatShake. Before the NRA award, it also won the BevNET Best New Smoothie Award in December 2011, which further reinforces the fact that there is something more to the OatShake, other than just good taste and health.


3) A Convenience oat shake 2


This smoothie-cum-oats breakfast has made it a lot easier for today’s busy families to stick to healthy breakfast options instead of going for a quick-fix like an unhealthy donut or a starch-laden sandwich. What’s more! The OatShake is available in three flavors, Coffee, Chocolate, and Tropical Fruit, which appeals to each and every family member, right from the granny to the toddler. In addition, this beverage is also available in kid-friendly forms like OatGrow Chocolate and OatShine Fruits. The shake doesn’t have any nuts, dairy, wheat, eggs, soy, or artificial ingredients and it is vegan-certified. It is made with sustainably-farmed oats, which are processed in a quality-controlled environment.


In response to the industry recognition, Helena Lumme and Mika Manninen, co-founders of the Oat Solutions, which markets OatShake, say, “The recognition we are achieving from this prestigious NRA industry award is an affirmation that OatShakes' popularity extends to a wide audience and has a unique place in the market.” Priced reasonably ($ 2.39 for adult-size and $1.79 for kids’ pack), the OatShake is your best bet for a healthy breakfast option.


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Simpli OatShake Wins NRA’s Innovative Product Award