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Yellow Perch – Making Its Way Into Your Diet

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Yellow fishA new fish is appealing to the mind and palates of the American food connoisseurs and it is yellow in color! The Yellow Perch, also known as Shortform Perch, may be making its way into your diet and you may not even know it yet. In the Washington area alone, there are a dozen eateries, which serve this fish, often loved for its flesh as well as the eggs that come with it. The eggs are a part of the package because the fish starts making its journey to the Chesapeake Bay in January, its body ready for spawning. That explains the presence of roe sacs in Yellow Fish eaten around this time.


1) For the Chef’s Delight


Chefs in Washington area, especially those who are champions of locally-grown products, are already singing paeans to this fish. One such chef, who is also the owner of the Italian eatery, Dino, Chef Dean Gold recently posted on his Facebook update about receiving a delivery of the Yellow Fish recently. While explaining his excitement, he said, “The real treat isn’t simply the sweet, meaty, and mild flesh, but the roe (sac) that each fish contains. Much as the shad, the eggs are the best part of the fish. (They are) firm, moist, not fishy in any way.” The fact that the fish is available locally, only during season, its limited supply is another reason why the chefs are finding it an attractive dining possibility.


2) About Yellow Fish


The fish, which is golden green and shimmery in texture, is the pride of the Chesapeake Bay during this season. Since this is the spawning season of the fish, the Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources puts curb on its fishing, especially in the lower part of the bay as well as the Patuxent and Chester rivers.


3) How to Eat it


There are not many ways to enjoy a Yellow Fish, as is the case with limited supply ingredients. Thus, the best way is to eat it pan-fried, with a delicious salsa. Another chef, at Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen, serves the roe poached in bacon fat and sautéed till brown. The perch fillet is served with a creamy sunchoke puree. You can invent your own way to eat this fish and share it with other readers too.


4) Excellent Case in Point


However, this fish has more than just culinary importance as is evident in the fact that the fish is now more evident on restaurant menus as well as on fish store shelves. Although, it is more due to effective fishery management as well as smart marketing ideas, the fact that Yellow Perch is now very much in demand is a case study in itself. One of the experts on the matter says, “Yellow perch went from a fishery that was pretty depleted in the ’80s and ’90s, but by changing the way it was harvested, it has rebounded.” His words ring true in wake of the fact that from being frozen and shipped out to the Midwest, Yellow perch has come a long distance. The fish has spelt boom time for the fishermen of the area as well. While they were making just $1 per pound of this fish in 2010, today, the average rate of the fish has more than doubled to $3 per pound. Further, in the retail sector, the fish is sold in the range of $5-$8 a pound.


5) Protection Plan


It was four years ago that Maryland refurbished its management ideas for the Yellow perch. As a result, the commercial watermen do not have permission to catch indiscriminate number of Yellow perch. Moreover, the Department of Natural Resources has been promoting the fish in order to promote its prices. The mainstay of the department policy is to allow fishermen to make more money from less fish. Besides, people are being encouraged to involve themselves in the process of catching the fish so that there is more familiarity and empathy with the fish.


Seafood has long been known for its health benefits, be it fish, shrimp, oysters, etc. However, this new addition to the food plate of America seems to be more about an intriguing taste. So, have you had your first bite of Yellow perch yet? In case you have, do share your experience with the readers of


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Yellow Perch – Making Its Way Into Your Diet