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Did You Get Your Baby A Babyccino?

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Espresso for babies! Are you serious? You may ask but that doesn’t mean things are not changing at the local coffee shop with the Babyccino. As the name suggests, this is coffee for babies, thus Babyccino. The public health advocates may fret and frown over the healthy diet for kids    but residents of Brooklyn are not leaving any stone unturned for their babies being allowed to take a sip of this brand.


1) Cutting Edge Coffee

It is the cutting edge generation, which is now ordering Babyccinos for their kids, even 2 years old. The beverage, though, not on offer on menus, is still available for parents who want their kids to have a taste of the drink that they are having. Talk of treating your kids like an adult, but isn’t that a bit too far.


2) The Babyccino


The beverage is a “macchiato-like beverage featuring a shot of decaf espresso topped with steamed milk and froth.” Some of the cafes, in order to make the drink kid-friendly, are even topping it with cinnamon or chocolate powder. If the kids’ reactions are anything to go by, they are loving it.


3) Parents are Loving it too!


Parents are really enjoying looking at their kids having their first “baby sips” into the world of caffeine. One such mother said that since her son’s first words were “coffee shop”, it was but natural that he should have his first taste of coffee too.


4) Not Everyone is Happy


One barista owner, who obviously did not enjoy this rising popularity of beverage among toddlers, said, “They (Babyccinos) interrupt workflow, create milk wastage, and can be served at a dangerous temperature to a vulnerable consumer. Babyccinos have become so popular in Australia it would be difficult to find a café that doesn’t have them on their menu.”


Irrespective of what the detractors think about the beverage, the babies are going to have Babyccinos, under the watchful and proud eyes of their parents. What is your take on this issue?


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Did You Get Your Baby A Babyccino?