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Would You Like To Wear These? Food Fashion & Accessories

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Nike hamburgerFood has always been an inspiration for the fashion industry and it has resulted in some fantastic as well as  outrageous creations. Would you like to wear these fashion accessories, made completely out of food? Take your pick.


1) Nike Air Max 90 Burger Sneaker  

Created by Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff and 7 others, the iconic Nike sneaker is not a hamburger too.


2) Spaghetti Dress with Meatball Necklace   

Spaghetti meatball dress

Wacky American fashion designer Jeremy Scott created this “Food Fight” for his fall 2006 collection.

3) PETA's Lettuce Leaf Gown          

lettuce gown

Animal rights activists PETA roped in 82-year-old Cloris Leachman to promote meatless meals through this gown made with lettuce and red cabbage.

4) Cream Puff Wedding Ensemble 

Cream puff dress

Created by the Ukrainian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano, this dress would be a bride’s personal croquembouche, made with about 1,500 cream puffs.

5) German Chocolate Bubble Dress  

chocolate bubble dress

German bakers Lambertz came up with this chocolate manna, in the form of an edible bustier bubble dress, made with hundred percent solid chocolate. German model Alena Gerber showcased it for a Munich show in January 2010.

6) Elegant Artichoke Heart Gown      Artichoke dress

Artichokes don’t always look good on a dinner plate only as this dress by photographer Ted Sabarese and designers Daniel Feld, and Wesley Nault proves.

7) Beef Jerky Chanel Bag

Beef Jerky Chanel bag

Designer and artist Nancy Wu took 100% beef jerky (air-dried meat) and made this take on the classic Chanel bag.

8) Bedtime Bread Slippers     Bread slippers

For just €22, European designers R&E Praspaliauskas bring you these toasty bread slippers to keep your feet warm.

9) Slimming Salad Dress        

Salad dress

Chris March, who was one of the finalists for the Season 4 of the TV reality show, Project Runway, created this salad dress with just $50 worth of lettuce.

10) Dream Dress Bread dress

How much bread can you handle? Photographer Ted Sabarese and designer Ami Goodheart of SOTU Productions, seem to ask just that.

Quirky, delicious, awesome, boring, how did you find these creations inspired by food? Do write in your comments and also tell us which one these fashion accessory would you like to buy for yourself.

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Would You Like To Wear These? Food Fashion & Accessories