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Indianapolis Prepares Chefs & Food Trucks For Super Bowl

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Indianapolis Super BowlThink of Super Bowl 2012 and you can’t stop thinking of food in the same breath. Besides preparing for the game this year, host city Indianapolis is also preparing its chefs and food trucks for heightening the Super Bowl fever. Food obsession is bound to attain new dimensions and this is visible, most of all, in the food trucks around the city.


1) Tasty Things To Come


Indiana chefs are cranking up the taste quotient a little bit more in anticipation of the game. One such chef, Kate McKibben, of Mable on the Move, a popular food truck, says, “We’ve got Buffalo chicken mac and cheese and we’ve got an organic grass fed all-beef hotdog with homemade chili and cheese and on top.” Mable on the Move is just one of the 13 food trucks, which have been selected to participate in Super Street Food Showdown. The truck owners and their chefs are lining up everything from sliders to pizza. These food trucks have been allowed to park downtown, where they would be serving the Super Bowl fans as well. Marshawn Wolley of the Super Bowl Committee, said, “We’re really celebrating the trends that have emerged in Indianapolis relative to food culture, street food, food trucks, locally sourced food items and the emergence of celebrity chefs.”


2) Chefs Join In Too


Apart from the food trucks, six local chefs, celebrities in their own right, will also display their dishes made with, again, locally sourced food items. One such excited chef, George Neely, thinks that “to be part of that (Super Bowl) and grow as a business, it’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity.”


3) Something for Everyone


The food trucks claim that they have something for everyone among the thousands of ‘hungry’ Super Bowl fans who are going to descend on the city of Indianapolis. Meanwhile, Wolley shares a little nugget about the scale of food, “The Super Bowl is second only to Thanksgiving in the amount of food consumed in 24 hours.”


In case you live in Indianapolis and are going to host Super Bowl fans at home, you may look for some Super Bowl party ideas and better still, choose some healthy Super Bowl recipes. Whatever your way to celebrate the Super Bowl season, just make sure you do not lose out the score.


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Indianapolis Prepares Chefs & Food Trucks For Super Bowl