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Slow Cooker – The Flavor Of This Football Season

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Slow CookerIt is hard to come by two women who are as enthusiastic about football as Jenna Marwitz and Nicole Sparks. Slow cooker, which has become the flavor of this football season, is showing the  ‘manly’ sport in a new light. From sharing recipes on the Internet, the two women are now gearing up  for making some good money during the football season courtesy their website,




The website describes the two women as “Slow Cookin’ Mamas in a Fast-Paced World” and this tagline, kind of sums up the spirit behind the website. Slow cooking is name of the game for both Sparks and Marwitz, who declare themselves as “just mamas trying to make our lives a little bit easier.”


2) Surprise, Surprise!!


When they started with uploading their recipe videos on the, they hardly knew that there would be so many lovers of the crock pot. Soon, their videos started getting popular and they also gained a substantial fan following on their Facebook page. Describing their work, Sparks said, “Most of these recipes take 10 minutes or under to prepare. If you want to have three slow cookers going, with a main dish, a side and a dessert (you can).”


3) Slow Cooker and Football Crocking Girls


With today’s life being so busy that there is no time for leisure cooking, slow cooker has come as a respite at the right time. The device is just perfect for busy families who do not want to miss out on the pleasures of home-cooked food but do not have the time to indulge themselves. However, that is not the only reason why slow cooker is already a hit with football fans. With the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl weekend round the corner, the agitated football fans do not need to spend more than necessary time in the kitchen while dishing out food for the frenzied fans gathered around television sets.


4) Cook Anything on Slow Cooker


Since you can cook pretty much everything from chili, stew, dips, to ribs in the slow cooker, you just need to put all the ingredients in place and let the cooking begin. After that, set a table and let the crowd serve itself.


In case you are already planning to use a slow cooker this football season, do share your favorite recipes with other readers and convince them of how slow cooker has become the flavor of the football season this year.


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Slow Cooker – The Flavor Of This Football Season