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McDonald’s Changing Its Colors In India

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McDonald's IndiaMcDonald’s is changing its traditional colors in its India outlets, in keeping with its global strategy to lure more adult customers to its restaurants worldwide. In its costliest makeover till date, the fast-food chain is going from its classic red-and-yellow colors to more muted tones, even white. Besides, in some of its outlets in India, the chain would also do away with its iconic mascot, Ronald McDonald besides changing its menu to include more adult-friendly options.



1) The Makeover


The colossus makeover has begun from one outlet each in New Delhi and Mumbai, two of the most bustling metropolitan cities of the countries. Gradually the red-and-yello McDonald’s logo will give way to the white one across all the 240 restaurants through India and this change will take place over the course of next four years. The interiors will be changed from neon-yellow and bright-red to pale colors. The McDonald’s menu will also undergo severe makeover, some of which is already underway in the form of McSpicy Chicken Burger and McFlurry desserts, which the US-based fast-food giant has already added.


2) Is It All Good?


While the restaurant chain has shown optimism regarding this makeover, there are some sections of Indian society who feel that the restaurant should not stretch itself too thin. One such critic of the McDonald’s latest plan is Mahesh Chauhan, co-founder of an advertising firm, Salt Brand Solutions. Chauhan said, “McDondald’s core equity, at least in India, lies with kids, mostly in the sub-13-year age group. I am not sure if the move to bring in muted colors and décor would go well with this category of consumers. It may be a good move for some other developed markets, but I am not sure how it will work for a market like India where organized food retail still remains very small.”


3) Where Will Ronald Go?


He may have received more brickbats than bouquets in the recent years, owing to high obesity levels of children in the US, but the Indian kids are surely going to miss Ronald McDonald’s their favorite character in the fast-food market in the country. However, despite that the fast-food chain has decided to take off Ronald from a number of locations, thereby trying to identify itself more with the adult customers. This, in a way, can also be considered a victory of public health advocates, who had been pestering McDonald’s for quite long now to remove its famous clown.


The McDonald’s costliest makeover is still in its nascent stage and whether its changing colors would have an impact on the group’s growth prospects, for better or for worse, remains to be seen in the long run.


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McDonald’s Changing Its Colors In India