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What Are 2012 Presidential Candidates Eating?

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Mitt RomneyThe voyeuristic passion that the public shows towards  celebrity eating habits extends to obsessive levels when it comes to politicians, especially the Presidential candidates, who remain in the limelight right from the announcement of their names to the outcome. With the American public subject to daily onslaught of the individual campaigns of these candidates, it is but natural to ask what are 2012 presidential candidates eating because what they eat signifies what they are, right? In case you are curious, read on:-


1) Mitt Romney – The Chocolate Milk Addict


While news pictures may show Romney surviving largely on turkey breast, broccoli, and rice, he also “loves cold cereal and caffeine-free Diet Coke.” However, it is his obsession with low-fat Over the Moon chocolate milk that is worth talking. He likes hot chocolate beverage but stays away from tea and coffee.


2) Ron Paul – And The Thousand Island Dressing


The Paul family’s absolute lack of concern for saturated fats is reflected in the Family cookbook, where recipes ask for cream cheese and Velveeta. The much-maligned Thousand Island dressing also makes a comeback. But when you are talking of recipes like pepper steak and sautéed bananas, calories is not what you are thinking about.


3) Newt Gingrich – Staying Slim


Owing to his metabolic problems, Gingrich has been on a diet for a long time, which explains his love for low fat diets as well as exercise regimes. Right since 1997, Gingrich has remained true to his weekly dinners, consisting mostly of grilled chicken, low on sodium and fat, with ice cream and pizzas kept at an arm’s length.


4) Rick Perry – Food-On-A-Stick Rick Perry


Is it the fair food that has taken his fancy or is he more into barbecue, nobody can say for sure. But if you go by the bad press that Perry generated recently at the Iowa State Fair, eating corndog on a stick, you may think he is good with food on a stick. He was also seen enjoying a hard-boiled egg as well as a pork chop, both on the stick. His tweet, “Can’t beat a pork chop on a stick at the Iowa State Fair,” right after the Fair, does seem to point in the right direction.


5) Michelle Bachman – Strange Obsession


Bachman is obsessed with celery and she readily agrees to it, even though she is seen enjoying an occasional diet coke or Tee Pee special, the latter mostly made up of a tostada, enchilada, rice, and beans, etc. But all in all, she remains a health-conscious politician at heart as her favorite food remains celery. She revealed so in an interview too, “I will personally consume the entire stalk of celery. At the Thanksgiving table, I have the plate of celery in front of me. I know it’s strange. It’s my favorite food.”


Barack Obama6) Jon Huntsman – Street Food Lover


This is one presidential candidate who doesn’t hate being seen standing outside a food truck, with good, cheap, and fresh food in his hand. He has recently declared his appreciation for street food, owing to the time he has spent in the Third World countries. In fact, when he was Salt Lake City Governor, Huntsman was a daily visitor to a taco stand and by the look of it, he still loves it all the same.


7) Barack Obama – Burgers And Pies


Although not a Presidential candidate but President himself, Obama needed to feature in this list because of his love for hearty foods. He has been known to eat gut-busting meals, which he also enjoys apparently. But it is cheeseburgers and pies that really get him going, besides, granola bars, chili, Hawaiian-style pizza, etc. His food habits have been talked about a lot and he is seen eating a whole variety of foods across the length and breadth of the country. This is one chap who is not afraid of stuffing his mouth in public.


These food habits may not look like much out of place because it is about people like you, who indulge in their favorite food habits now and then. If you found any or all of these food obsessions outrageous, do share with us your experiences.


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What Are 2012 Presidential Candidates Eating?